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Bosko and Honey postcard

We interrupt this animation blog with a discovery of tremendous historical signifigance. Or at least, I think so. Warner Bros. cartoon art super-collector Eric Calande just found this postcard (from the 1950s?) depicting Harman & Ising Bosko and Honey dolls which we’ve never seen before. It’s known Harman and Ising continued to license Bosko (in comic books and coloring books, and home movies) into the 1950s. But postcards? With plush dolls? Anyone with further information on what this “series” is part of, please let us know.

In the meantime, cool image, huh?

  • Stuart

    This is totally vintage cool! It’s evident these are the H-I Bosco and Honey, making this so significant.

  • swac

    The typefaces make me think this postcard is from the 1930s. Is there a copyright date on the back?

  • There’s a scarlet 1D stamp on the postcard. That would place the card about 1941. This stamp appeared as early as 1936 but the 1936 image differs slightly from the 1941 version. It’s postmarked as well but I can’t quite read the date, a hi-res scan may remedy that.

  • The printed text on the back of the card reads “Valentine’s Bosco and Honey postcards. Copyright made by exclusive arrangement with Warner Bros. (pictures), LTD. All rights reserved.

    BTW, note that “Bosko” is spelled with a “C” on the card…BOSCO.

  • I’m wondering about who, at this time, owned these characters. Did Bosko ever have his own TV show during the 50’s or was he always part of the Porky Pig Black and White package?

  • Whatever the date of the card, these are Dean’s Rag Book Bosko and Honey dolls from the early 1930s. We discussed these UK items in the comments here:

  • Murphy

    Harman and Ising held onto the rights to Bosko.

  • Ah, now those were plush dolls that I would have liked to own…umm, and, not being able to actually see this, could someone tell me which BOSKO image this plush figure more accurately represented, the Warners version or the MGM version? I wonder if they had a BRUNO figure as well.

  • @Kevin….that’s a trick question. These dolls represent *BOTH* the Warner and MGM character. When the Bosko character went over to MGM they did a couple Bosko cartoons in color using the original character design. Later the character was redesigned at MGM to look more like a real boy.

  • @Kevin, these dolls represent the original Bosko design that we traditionally associate with Warner.