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Bozo’s furniture


P.S. Forget about the Disney furniture collection.

This Saturday you can bid on Bozo’s personal furnishings. The property of Larry Harmon (a.k.a. Bozo the Clown) is being auctioned off in New York by Tepper Galleries (click on the Sept. 8th preview for detailed information). Nothing too weird is listed, no 16mm prints of Laurel and Hardy, no cels of Butchy Boy. Just a bunch of classy furniture.

What a clown!

  • creepy and disgusting.

    i’d pay $10 for that nifty piece of art tho.


  • jeff lopez

    larry harmon was an opportunist with no talent–alan livingston created bozo and he did not create laurel and hardy either which he made bad cartoons of…

  • Lucy

    Pinto Colvig is the true Bozo the Clown -_-

  • Rusty door

    Pretty classy furniture for a clown, I was expecting brightly colored minimalist stuff. Some of those chairs would look gorgeous if restored.