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Brad Bird in Dubai

Brad Bird and Tom Cruise
Brad with Jeremy Renner (L), Tom Cruise and Paula Patton

As we continue to stalk cover Brad Bird’s travels around the globe, here are some new shots of him in Dubai at a press conference for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Brad will be shooting parts of the film in Dubai at the Burj Khalifa tower, the world’s tallest building. More photos after the jump. Click on each for a bigger version.

Brad Bird and Tom Cruise
(L-R) Producer Jeffrey Chernov, actor Jeremy Renner, director Brad Bird, actor Tom Cruise, actress Paula Patton and producer Bryan Burk

Brad Bird and Tom Cruise


  • Where are Brad Bird’s arms? Looks like he’s doing a ventriloquist act with Renner and Cruise. I’d be wary of Cruise’s lactating armpit though.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    The first photo clearly proves that Mr. Bird is contractually obligated to be shorter than Mr. Cruise.

  • Sorry but


  • I know that you always get stick from the moralisers over this or that content and I often wonder who is right and who is wrong… HOWEVER… in the case of posting pictures of that gurning midget Tom f*ckin Cruise I say that you are wrong… can’t you blur him out?

    that’s it, I’ll never return! You really did it this time … oh you…etc

    (storms off and returns almost immediately awaiting further comments)

  • Video of Tom with Brad Bird in Dubai

  • Aw crap. Another fantastic animation talent lost to live-action.

    Hope it’s a fat paycheck for Brad.

    • optimist

      Oh, he’s hardly “lost”-to or from. He’s a filmmaker who’s worked in animation more often than live action because he sees a particular project that way and loves that approach, but a commercial film is a film is a film is a film. Animated and/or live action.

      So are we all and so should we all think of ourselves.

    • Oh well… at least this might mean we could get a fourth sequel of a movie series which actually isn’t bad. I do think Brad Bird is way too good for this, but hopefully, it will convince studios that his pet project 1906 is worth going for. Now THERE’s a live-action film I’d really like to see him direct.

      And then — maybe his own, hand-drawn animated feature vision of Will Eisner’s The Spirit, to set right what Frank Miller did so terribly wrong…

      • The Gee

        Not that Miller was the best person to prove it, in fact was probably the worst possible one to prove it, The Spirit should just remain a comic book. Ideally, it should have ended when Eisner stopped producing it.

        As much as I’m sure Bird could do some rolicking good animated storytelling with the character, I’m not sure it should be done.

  • d. harry

    Brad must have been waayyyyy fatigued there… …especially his “my first digital friend..” line, which Cruise corrected him on!

  • Congrats to Brad Bird for breaking into “real” entertainment, but I’d rather see another seventeen INCREDIBLES movies. I’ve never even seen a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie.

    • The Gee

      Enh. You haven’t missed much. I’ve watched the first one and it was okay. I just don’t like the idea that there needed to be a franchise made of it. But what isn’t a franchise these days?

      Is it standard practice for them to do promotional work while they are filming the movie? Or is this a sign they are just that desperate to build and maintain a buzz that they are doing a press conference just because they are on location?