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Brew Radio: TODAY!


Here’s the reminder: yours truly, Jerry Beck, will appear on a live Internet radio chat today at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific. I will be joined by animation historian-voice actor Keith Scott and pop-culture addict/host Stuart Shostack on Stu’s Show, which can be heard on Shokus Internet Radio. Together Stu, Keith and I will discuss classic cartoons, animation dvds, cartoon voice acting, Jay Ward, Popeye, and anything you want (call in toll-free!). Stu’s Show is only available to hear via live streaming audio during broadcast; it’s not archived for downloading later. So if you want to hear the two hour show, you’ll have to tune in today at 4pm Pacific Time (7pm Eastern). Click here and enjoy!

Update: The show I recorded live today will be rebroadcast at 7pm EST/4pm PST, each day for the next seven days. Tune in!

  • Stu Shostack! He used to have a “show” that you could hear only by calling a certain number on the phone, believe it or not (talk about primitive pre-Internet radio)! I haven’t heard his name since 7th grade. Hmmm..I wonder if anyone else remembers L.A. “comedy phone” stuff like that? There was another one that was the last number in the white pages called “ZZZZZZZZZZZZ”: “YOU have reached–Z!” with SNL-style commerical parodies and whatnot. We used to think it was such a thrill getting through to those numbers. God, what a jolt to the memories.

  • I’ll be listening for you Jerry! Knock em dead.

  • Afraid to ask this, How did I sound? You and Keith were great though Jerry!

  • Bill Field

    I enjoyed the show immensely, I’m glad I had an opportunity to call in, Keith Scott is truly a one man voice-o-matic. I’m going to call Harvey Siegel Williams up today and tell him about talking to Keith and his interest in Harvey, the owner of Gamma Studios and the animation director for all of Total Television series and Rocky and Bullwinkle. You have gone out of your way to give a forum for animation enthusiasts and mavens to see, read and talk about what would otherwise not be addressed in any other medium and media format. You can feel the excitement about Popeye’s soon-to-be released DVD collection. Your comments made me anticipate this release even more than before yesterday’s broadcast. Jerry you are really a cartoon evangelist when you get to appear on any TV and radio/net shows as well as your writing here and the Animation Show forum. Hallelujia, Brother Jerry for extoling the virtues of Huckleberry Hound and his monotone antics!

  • Mr. Field I agree with everything you just said. I really enjoyed your recollections of Jay Ward + that Cap’n Crunch tale you gave. Time was pressed for this show even though it was two whole hours and I really wanted to hear more of Keith Scott’s vocal talents LIVE. He can entertain me for hours!