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Brew Shopping Tip: Hallmark Hanna Barbera cards

I was searching for a Father’s Day card yesterday and although my dad isn’t particularly environmentally conscious, I had to buy this card (click thumbnails below to enlarge).

Apparently, the art staff at Hallmark, just like they did with Looney Tunes cards we reported about in 2006, now have the Hanna Barbera license and are creating cards in the style of Mel Crawford Golden Book art! Naturally, none of this card line is online, but there are some other attractive HB cards out there and several new retro-Looney Tunes that really appealed to me. And if any of the artists involved are reading this: please identify yourself! We love what you are doing!

  • These are superb! One eensy-weensy nitpick though – I wish these were hand-lettered too. The exactness of the digital fonts clash a bit with the illustrations. Still, I will definitely be looking for these when I’m out shopping for Father’s Day cards!

  • uncle wayne

    That’s a hoot! And me who just caught the film, “Yogi’s Ark Lark” (on Boomerang) Sat. It’s 1972, and nothing-BUT environmental. Quite a fun film….especially for theH-B cameos-r-us!

  • Ha, even the wording is cute. Wonderful art all around!

  • Are the other also Fathers Day cards? want to know if i should be looking for all the different ones all over or just in specific areas.

  • Gerard de Souza

    I bought some of their
    looney tunes cards with no intention of giving away.
    I have a looney tunes office farewell card on my wall as a poster.
    I’ll be sure to buy these

  • top cat james

    I’ve noticed the past couple years that Peanuts has received the “retro” treatment from Hallmark as well, using the early to mid Sixties models of the characters. Even seen a few cards with the early Fifties “pumpkinhead/tiny body design! All very attractive and well-designed; a welcome change from that Nineties shaky line clip art look that they’ve churned out for so long.

  • These are really fun little paintings! It makes me happy to see this look seeing commercial daylight.

  • Hey, it’s me again. I did the Yogi Bear card as well as many of the retro LOONEY TUNES and PEANUTS cards. I’m just thankful that our licensors have been giving us the latitude to have more fun with their characters. When the artist has fun, it shows in the work.

    Rich LaPierrre

  • Nice work, Rich!

  • IT would be great to see more of those artworks on-line (both HB and Looney tunes); Personally, I found this style very charming, it reminds a lot of Little Golden Books! Many compliment to the artist!!!!

  • diego

    Rich, your work is amazing.

  • Rich…Great Job! do you have a website where we can see more of your work?

  • just found it…thanks!

  • You’ve done a great job with H-B’s non-conformist bear, Rich. (Having worked on Yogi and other classic H-B characters for nearly forty years, I’m PICKY!)

  • Andyman

    Wow! Rich you rule! I did some plywood Christmas decorations of Donald Duck and crew trying to imitate the Golden style a few years back, but not anywhere near as sucessfully. I may try Yogi and Huck this year.