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Bugs and Daffy Mashup

Bugs and Daffy

Think of the animation possibilities…

(via Animation Anomaly)

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  • Pretty cool. Who made it?

    • Matthew Koh

      Anthony Ausgang, I guess.


  • The Gee

    instead of a Nike Swoosh it is a Frightening Smoosh.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    “Dugs,” or “Baffy?”

  • NC

    At least now, Bugs will have other personality traits besides “smug winner”

  • Tom

    I assume this is partly a parody of this classic illustration? One can’t see both the duck and the rabbit at the same time?

  • Steve Menke

    I can see Elmer playing Dr. Frankenstein…

  • KatellaGate

    Interesting, but I won’t be impressed until you can animate this character running down Escher Stars.

  • Rabbit Season, Duck Season…..hmm model sheet trouble…

  • 2011 Adult

    This is actually a take on the famous optical illusion of guessing if it’s either a rabbit’s head or a duck’s head. Though, with the iconic facial features, it ruins the illusion anyway.

  • The Gee

    In reference to the optical illusion and that WB DVD release Jerry just posted:

    “Ceci n’est pas une Pepe.”

  • Nightmare fuel!

  • Why didn’t Warner Brothers go for this style in their new Looney Tunes TV show?

  • Ehh, what’s Op, duck?

  • Waiting for somebody to have that tattoo…

  • Hal

    Best mashup since Bergman’s PERSONA?

  • PJW

    Bugs: Look into mine eyes

    Daffy: Why must we be born without a bottom lip?