Bugs Bunny meets Star Trek Bugs Bunny meets Star Trek
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Bugs Bunny meets Star Trek

(Thanks, SpockBoy and Michelle66)

  • That was fun!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That was really good.

  • Bill Field

    THAT was reallllly FUH-NNNNY!- Funny transformations from live to cartoon. Shore Leave, as it was truly meant to be… if directed by Bob Clampett or Art Davis.

  • tom

    Still laughing. Thanks for the silly weekender.

  • uncle wayne

    I know nothing (nor never wanted to) about S.T. But the combo was just too irresistable…and editing wonnnnnderful! Thank you for the Stalling fun!

  • Cleverly edited and well-dubbed!

  • LOL! That was really funny!

  • Joe

    If you guys thought that was funny I’m sure you are going to love alvin and the chipmunks… lame

  • red pill junkie

    Dammit Jim!

    I’m a bunny, not a property of some Hollywood Studio!


  • Michelle

    After the video finishes, a bunch of Spockboy’s other gag reels will appear at the bottom of the window.

    If you’re a Trek fan, check out some of the others (“Tomorrow is Yesterday” is particularly funny, as it’s if a bunch of rednecks made the show as “Star Track”…)

    And, yes, I *know* this is a cartoon site! But, Spockboy’s talent at making the gag reels is excellent and you will laugh (he also uses great cartoon sound effects in most of his films!)

    (Sorry for the unabashed plug, but when you find something good (& free!) you like to share it with others!)

  • Nice timing, really funny stuff.

  • joecab

    aw loosen up fellow Joe — it was fun :)

  • Great fun! It make want to view some Bugs cartoon with my kid this weekend.

  • Keith Paynter

    Fuh-h-hny! Always loved Hillybilly Hare, and the Kirk/Finnigan fight from Shore Leave is a great video match. (Personally, I would have done it to the never-ending fight from John Carpenter’s They Live!, but I don’t have the time…)