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Jelly Belly

Here is the trailer to Candyman, a documentary by Costa Botes about David Klein, the inventor of the gourmet jelly bean Jelly Belly, and how he has been banished from the candy empire that he created. The film debuts at the Slamdance Film Festival later this month.

So why is this appearing on Cartoon Brew? Klein is the father of Disney animator Bert Klein, who is a producer on the documentary. Bert is also responsible for the current Annie Award nominee Pups of Liberty, which he co-directed with his wife Jennifer Cardon-Klein. Visit for more details on the documentary.

  • Netflix members can already Save this movie so it will be added to their queues when it’s released.

    It looks great, so I visited the film’s site. There are currently no additional possibilities for seeing it right now beyond Slamdance: it’s not playing in theaters, it’s not on video, and Slamdance is the only listed festival at which it’s playing. This is normal for a film making the festival circuit, where the producers often sell the film for wider distribution.

    Then I went to Netflix. Netflix used to have an e-mail address so you could request films, but it did away with that (probably too labor-intensive for too little result). I searched for the movie’s title on the site, on the off-chance I could save it to my queue to watch it when it comes out on video. Although I expected my search to yield only the crappy Candyman horror movies, there was the documentary about David Klein. I’d bet that means Netflix tracks at least the major festivals and uses the Save to Queue feature to gauge interest in as-yet-unreleased films.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t work for the company, I just thought it was interesting that it seems to have a fairly smart approach to content acquisition.

  • jordan reichek

    Ya know….call me crazy, but I do see a connection between Jelly Belly beans and animation or storytelling in general.

    These weren’t just sweet jelly beans, they created simulated experience in an artificial environment. They have a Disneyland quality to them.

    Corn syrup and unholy chemicals are intentionally combined to create an illusion of the senses. If you don’t think so, I defy you to try the “Buttered Popcorn” bean and not be blown away with the illusion.

    Violet Beuaregarde would be proud to shovel these down her gullet!

    Hope this films makes the rounds. Would love to hear his story.

  • messy

    Ik, Clinton looks like his eyes are missing and he’s a blind mutant!

  • Mike Caracappa

    This looks wonderful. I love Jelly Bellies, so it would be interesting to hear the real story about what happened to the inventor. It’s a stroke of genius just for the fact that it’s a candy you enjoy one bean at a time, as opposed to just stuffing yourself with plain ones. I love going to the Jelly Belly factory in northern California and buying those big packages of Belly Flops (all the mis-shapen jelly bellies that are plucked from the machines). I don’t know if that was David Klein’s idea or not, but jelly bellies always bring me a little peice of happiness.

    I look forward to seeing this film.

  • Who knew? That’s an interesting fun fact.

  • David Breneman

    What happens when you get the two most charismatic presidents of the late 20th century together for a photo-op? A picture that makes both of them look terrible. Some sort of bizzarre matter/anitmatter effect must be taking place here.

  • Jeffrey Gray


    IMO, Watermelon Jelly Bellies = heaven on earth.

  • Jonah

    That trailer was awesome until that awful song came on. I still want to see it though, looks great.

  • Rooniman

    Yay for Jelly Belly!