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Cartoon Culture

Cartoon Culture

Brew readers are always sending us photos of the cartoon culture all around us. Occasionally I post the really odd ones. Elliot Cowan took the above pic at a local junk store: Alex the Lion (from Madagascar), Chicken Little, Mr. Incredible and Shrek all in the same bootleg toy package.
Elliot says this “Fantastic Hero” toy has “been there over a year and has yellowed considerably in that time.”


A reader identified as “Purple Penguin” snapped this photo of a storefront at the corner of Reno and Beverly in Los Angeles. As Penguin noted when he sent the pic, “Made me laugh; made me cry”.

If you spot any odd cartoon culture in your area, please share it with us.

  • “Yellowed considerably”.

    Boy, did that crack me up.

  • It’s sitting in the front window where it gets the sun almost all day long…

  • Chuck R.

    Hilarious! When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a collection of first-shots —test runs made in the factory by throwing any color plastic in the actual production mold. In the toy biz, you get used to seeing plastic figures of unusual colors. The lack of yellow in the printwork tells the true story. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jerry, sent you these pics a while ago and never heard back, so here they are again:

    This is the Baloo Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Coffeeshops sell marijuana, which is legal in the Netherlands for adults. But with pictures of Jungle Book characters smoking, that might not be the market they’re trying to appeal to.

    I wonder what the people against cigarettes in cartoons would say about this…
    Personally, I really like the neon sign.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That Baloo Coffeeshop is bitchin’!

  • Joshua

    I’ve seen the Fantastic Heroes line at the fair, only it had Power Rangers and Ninja Turtle knock-offs in them… Was pretty funny to see!!

  • Scott

    to the guy who posted the first pic, was that from bayside ny, because theres the exact same faded package there too!

  • Scott – that is exactly where it was taken!
    How funny.


    When I was in the Navy and traveled to the Philippines, Korea or Japan, the storefronts were full of these sad rip offs… I always thought that if the artists knew how far and wide their creations had traveled, some even surviving the morphing of traveling through who knows what venue of varied displays before being captured by a cut rate untrained but desperate artist of whichever nationality….Said author would still be proud of his creation…and it’s crazy adventure to an Ologapo, Pohang, or Manilla storefront. Amazing….