The construction worker who interrupted one Chinese boy's animation. The construction worker who interrupted one Chinese boy's animation.
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Cartoon-Loving Chinese Boy Attempts to Kill Noisy Construction Worker

The construction worker who interrupted one Chinese boy's animation.
Chinese construction worker Liu Mai learns not to come between a child and his cartoons.

A 10-year-old boy in Guizhou, China scored a victory for animation lovers everywhere when he sawed through a construction worker’s safety harness rope, leaving the worker dangling 11 stories above ground. The boy had a perfectly reasonable defense: the worker’s drilling was interrupting his afternoon cartoons.


According to the cartoon-obstructionist construction worker Liu Mai, “I was using an electric drill to fit security lights to the outside of the building when I felt my safety rope shaking. I looked up to see what was wrong. Then I saw the boy cutting the rope with a knife. I shouted at him to stop but he didn’t listen and soon after, the rope was broken. I was petrified.”


After forty minutes of dangling from a single rope, firefighters rescued the worker. A fire department spokesperson said, “The boy clearly thought his cartoons were more important than someone’s life…He has since apologized for his actions.” The boy’s father bought the construction worker a new rope. He told a reporter that he gave his son “a good talking to and and explained what he did was very dangerous. He has promised he will not do something similar again. I think we may also need to take him for some anger management therapy.”

Instead of therapy, how about not interrupting the poor kid’s cartoons?

(Images via Xinhua News Agency; thanks Pedro Nakama for story tip)

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    But… what cartoon was he watching?

    • AmidAmidi

      Good question!

    • jonhanson

      Asking the tough questions!

      (I honestly am curious, partially because I have no idea what cartoons are popular in China right now. )

    • Joseph William Allen

      I’m going to make a wild guest and say Spongebob considering what I’ve seen of that show lately.

    • Potato Cheese

      Another site covering this news alleges the cartoon in question was Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf.

    • Richard Freeman Eze

      he just found out about DBZ

  • Anonymous

    Amid, you snarky bastard.

  • Ant G

    but if the rope did snap, would the worker have time to be unaffected by gravity for a few seconds to react before he falls hole deep in the cement and still make it out alive? I’d like to think that’s what would happen

  • Alex Camarillo

    While Im glad the kid has passion for cartoons like the rest of the us who frequent thi site, I think its really dumb to be condoning this kind of behavioue as “taking one for the [cartoon] team”. This only adds to the stigma that cartoons are exclusively for immature boys (all of ages) and gives people the opportunity to speculate that viewing cartoons puts viewers out of touch with reality and inhumane. And honestly, the real reason why we collectively as viewers and creators polarized our passion as a fanboy/culture of cartoons, instead of the more inclusive cartoons of larger culture. This especially sux for young males looking for a girlfriend/mate. The stigma of being in a self-involved passion and community will limit your overall pick of women to choose from (not that all them are that great either). Lets make cartoons a part of the broader culture again, and not such a niche. I am wanna see bomb-looking girls wearing Looney Toons hoodies again. Sorry if I come as too serious, but damn its situations like this that reaffirm how self – depricating the animation scene can be.

    • Ccs

      It is joke. Maybe a joke in bad taste, but still.

    • martin

      rather than the stigma of cartoon loving people, i think it raises a more pressing issue of being a good parent; doesnt seem the boy was raised right. hopefully this incident will change the kid for the better.

  • Timothy McKenzie

    Wow. This could inspire a short film of mine.

    Anyway, the moral of this story is:
    Do not mess with a child obsessed with animated cartoons! [especially if you are a construction worker working on something noisy]

  • Chris Powell

    I realize Amid and others are using sarcasm when commenting on the story, but this is a horrifying story.
    And that better have been SOME talking to that the father gave the boy, man…

  • Inkan1969

    Not funny.

  • Steven Bowser

    I don’t think I’d let him watch cartoons ever again.

  • Adzl33t

    That’s not funny, WTF CartoonBrew

  • MaskedManAICN

    Holy Sh- Well we can laugh because the construction worker is ok- thank the lord.

  • Matthew

    Looney Tunes? Spongebob? Or a TV-PG cartoon called Dan vs. Maybe Woody Woodpecker.

  • Ali ‘Comic Conrad’ Kamara

    Nope couldn’tve been Looney Tunes. Dude woulda got something worse, like an anvil dropped to his head or some shit

  • Mister Twister

    He was then taken by the chinese government and never heard from again.

    The next day, cartoons were banned across all of China, ensuring that zero theaters will play Kung Fu Panda 3 in 2015.

  • FelineDelegate

    Oh! He apologized? That means he’s off the hook then!

  • No so much banned outright, but often limited to certain hours or simply released on home video (either legally or illegally).

  • D C Mahler

    Why are we joking about this? That’s all I want to know. This isn’t funny, this is pretty twisted. Is a lack of empathy a common trait in animators? Because there are way too many flippant comments joking about a man who nearly died because a child cut a safety rope.
    This isn’t animation news, this has the absolutest vaguest connection to animation. Yet it’s still on this bloody site.

    • mrstupes

      Your First Mistake was assuming that this is a Animation News site.

  • Steven

    No it wasn’t. It told a story you didn’t know about beforehand with satirical humor throughout. If you didn’t like those lines, you should’ve just ignored them and been happy that you found out about the story instead of posting about how disgusting and appalling this article is, only furthering you towards more anger. It’s your fault for feeling the way you feel about it, and my fault for feeling this way about this.

    • I disagree. Cutting a guy’s rope is psycho (or socio, I guess) behavior, you can’t shame a guy or girl for having an opinion. Having an opinion is not a “fault”, it’s a reaction. This is not a “satirical” site, this is a report of an actual event.

  • Bianca Cousins

    Yeah, this is what happens when you don’t teach your kids the difference between reality and fiction…or at least the laws of physics.

  • Christian Z.

    So… he was watching cartoons… but do we know his behavior was influenced by them? (Not saying that makes the story invalid; but maybe he would’ve done the same thing if he had been playing videogames or watching live action TV.)

  • What that kid did is pretty psychotic.
    Why is this story is written with such whimsy?
    Maybe what we see on TV DOES influence our behavior.