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Wall-E Sushi

No, we’re not referring to MTV’s old animation show; this is real cartoon sushi. Anna the Red creates aesthetically delightful cartoon bento boxes, including a lot of Mario and Miyazaki dishes, and documents them on her blog. A description of the ingredients in the Wall-E sushi above can be found on Flickr.

(via Kottke)

  • Pretty impressive stuff, that Katamari Damacy design is neat too. Thanks for the link!

    Hmm, maybe an Okami design is in the works?

  • MattSullivan


  • Keith Bryant

    Oh great! I’ve just lost my appetite for sushi.

  • fkosun

    Not Sushi. This is “Chara-Ben.”
    Japanese Irustrated Lunch-Box, Ok?

  • tom

    Hey! I posted that last night too! I guess good news travels fast on the web these days.

    They really are beautiful, aren’t they? So many talented, original creators out there…

  • WALL•E’s wheels/tracks in that charaben look to be sushi but I don’t think anything else is.