Charlie Chaplin’s “Tron” Charlie Chaplin’s “Tron”
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Charlie Chaplin’s “Tron”

This video mashup by Nick Tierce of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times + Tron is pure win!

(via Kottke)

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  • X

    I’m actually more interested to see the Charlie Chaplin film itself now.

    But the idea itself… WHAT!?

    • It’s a Mash-up. These things often work the best when they hit the sweet spot of incongruity or at least the piebald.

  • I usually feel that mash-ups miss their marks creatively (sorry for the alliteration). But this Modern Times/Tron juxtaposition works really well. Not only does it get the point across, comparing the two movies – it makes you want to see Modern Times all over again. Good job!

  • Michel Van

    i love it !

  • rakesh

    seriously…I find it difficult to see what’s “pure win” about this!

  • Modern Times is the best Chaplin film outside of City Lights (which has no equal). I loved this!!! The lightcycle rollerskates, the energy disk dance number – FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jmatte

    Ha ha, that was pure silly fun. Needed it this morning, thank you!

  • smallerdemon

    FYI – This was an entry in a contest to win a seat to Buttnumbathon 12. You can see the other entries here:

    Two Buster Keaton entries. :) The winner was for Aliens, though (and when you see it you’ll understand why).

  • Gobo

    The light-cycle rollerskates were brilliant.

  • Thanks for th kind words everybody. Yes, this was an entry in the Aint-it-Cool contest, and I was honored to have placed at all. The winner and second place pieces are incredible and I have no qualms loosing to either of them!

  • Ben

    That was horrible. Anyone could have put that trailer together. Where’s the originality today? Old clips of a Charlie Chaplan classic with bad color effects thrown in is NOT genius. It’s just plain lazy.

  • Evan

    at :23 there’s a shot from the original tron, very good job with the details