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Classic Cartoon Mural in Montreal

Montreal Graffiti

After the stress of judging the Ottawa International Animation Festival (more about that soon), I decided to unwind for a few days in the much more lively Canadian city of Montreal. Even there, I couldn’t escape cartoons. I stumbled upon this large and unconventional graffiti mural that incorporates vintage cartoon characters like Bosko, Honey, Betty Boop, Buddy, and Krazy Kat.The mural, which is a good eighty feet long, gives more visibility to these characters than anything their parent studios have done with them in a long time.

If you want to see the piece in person, it’s off of rue St. Catherine, a few blocks east of rue St. Denis. Otherwise, click on the image below to see my quick-and-dirty stitch job of the mural.

Montreal Graffiti

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  • OliverB

    There’s a huge Terrytoons style Mighty Mouse off Notre Dame and Atwater in St-Henri also.

  • OliverB
  • That’s a cool discovery!

  • Also at the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal, they have Betty Boop on the ladies’ washroom door, and Felix the Cat on the men’s washroom door.

    (in a similar vein, Big Al’s Diner in Blaine, WA has a huge picture of Popeye on the men’s room and Olive Oyl for the women’s….plus a big Betty Boop statue and other cartoon figures. I took some pictures last year.

  • Saturnome

    Are you still in Montreal? There’s a Stop-Motion festival in Montreal this week-end.

  • That looks very well made. I am curious as to what inspired these murals especially in a place like Montreal.

  • I think I actually posted this in a comment a while back, but here it is again:

    There are a few of these on a building in Verdun (south-ish Montreal).

  • Nice find – good to see vintage cartoon characters are appreciated by Canadian graffiti artists.

    @Eric: That piece reminds me of this hilarious graffiti artist Banksy – maybe its one of his?

  • It’s good to see Canadians like me to have a admiration with vintage cartoons mostly from the silent era giving some justices that they don’t at their theaters glories.

    That’s remember me that in the side of a Museum in Trois-Rivieres, they have a Woody Woodpecker graffiti. Maybe if i take a look with my digital camera, i will send you.

  • Wow, thanks for posting this! And off St. Catherine’s… where just about anything can and will happen to you if you wait long enough ;).

  • Kel

    I don’t see Buddy in there, but I do see Scrappy. Okay, now it’s official. I’m an animation nerd.