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Aaron Higgins of Toonarific has started a new website devoted to cataloging classic coloring books. As an art resource, it’s invaluable as the site is showcasing and preserving coloring book art since the 1930s. Higgins’ RetroReprints site is a guide to what books have been published over the years, and he is slowly adding images under the books themselves for users to download and color. He is also reformatting the images and creating complete ebooks, also available to download.

And in case you were wondering where you could buy vintage coloring books of your favorite characters, Aaron also has over 1000 coloring and activity books for sale here on ebay.

  • Had a quick browse and stumbled across, of all things, a colouring book for Fist of the North Star! How odd.

  • Karl Wilcox

    Great website … brings back a lot of memories! Thanks for posting.

  • Christopher Cook

    I had a number of those coloring books as a kid. Ah, the memories.

    Among the Powerpuff Girls books, I am a little disappointed at not seeing the paint book adaptation of the movie as I drew that one.

  • What a great idea – but where are the coloring pages? I had my crayons all ready.

  • Nick

    Terry… Town?

  • “Kenny” Martinez

    I’m just suprised that Terrytoon merchandise exists at all? Apparently the Terry guys were never as heavily merchandised as the Disney and Warner characters.

  • top cat james

    Those coloring books on the bottom are absolutely gorgeous. Why can’t modern day animation, comic books and cartoon related merchandise look this good?

  • I have a small collection myself, they have such pretty paintings!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > a colouring book for Fist of the North Star! How odd.

    Doesn’t surprise me, the TV series itself had been aired to children when it first aired in the 80’s I think. The violence in that show had been toned down to a point that the blood was colored white than red (leading to fans often wanting to say something else came out of the guys getting murdered in a perverted sense). Of course the movie version that came out a few years after the TV show was a different case.

    I should inform the guy who did link to that book though that the show was aired between 1984-87 (when this coloring book was probably published), and not from the 70’s he stated.

  • Thanks so much for posting this. I still love colouring books, even tho I am a little old for them. :)

  • I just noticed something. That Alfalfa cover is ugly. I mean, really really ugly. PD cover ugly. And Terry approved of it?

  • The Fist book was actually Japanese, not American, and it was published when the series first came out. As for the PPG paint book, Ill be sure to look up a cover for it to post. There are still books that I havent yet posted, sadly, because I dont know they exist. As I continue my research, I will be adding new covers and books to the site. If you have any more requests, you can send them directly through the site to me. Thanks for your feedback and Ill keep making it even better for you guys.

    • james ballou

      Aaron I’ve been trin to find you for a while now your forum is down or I would use it.the is james ballou for houston we used to live next to each other if you see this email me at [email protected]