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Current U.S. Postage Stamps

Anyone been to the post office lately? Anyone still use snail mail?

The postage stamps have gotten a lot better — even if I have no one to mail a letter to I couldn’t resist some of these new commemoratives. This one (above) devoted to Latin Jazz, with the distinctive artwork of Michael Bartalos, really caught my eye. Bartalos’ art is best known (to me) for Nickelodeon and Nick-at-Nite promotional materials, but here it evokes a cool Jim Flora feel.

I also stocked up on the new Art of Disney Imagination set which includes this neat Steamboat Willie, and the Vintage Black Cinema set with several attractive old movie posters. These are pretty nice – too nice to use only for paying my cable and internet bills.

  • The Bartalos stamp is exquisite ! It looks like what we used to WISH stamps could look like ! Bravo !!

  • Michael Rebain

    I used to collect stamps from the US and a number of other countries. I’d buy sheets of new US commemoratives as they came out, save the ones I wanted, and sell the rest to folks in the office. Nowadays, I may have need for a stamp only for the occasional greeting card. I satisfy my residual interest in what they put out these days by buying their annual year sets which come with a nicely designed harccover book with information about both the stamps and the subjects honored.

  • Ryoka

    Baww, now I wish I lived in USA

  • acetate

    Of course I use snail mail, although it’s the “real” mail to me. Nothing will ever replace the fun of getting a magazine in my mailbox that I can actually flip through at lunch, on the john, or in my comfy bed. No batteries to change or charge. Weighs only ounces and is a far cry from lugging around a laptop or some such electronic device. I love getting things in the mail !….the “real” mail.

  • Brad Constantine

    fans may recognize the middle as an early Al Hirschfeld from 1929.
    just fantastic..thanks for sharing.

  • I know that a couple of my friends still use stamps and even handmade letterheads to snail mail eachother. Then there’s the joy of testing what the post office will actually send in the mail. Basically if it’s got a stamp and an address they have to deliver it (insert evil giggle here).

    But I really do like the improved stamp designs they’ve got out these days, and the lines at the post office (even in chicago, which boasts some of the worst mail service in the country for some odd reason) are pretty short these days so all you have to get past is the stern demeanor of the postal workers. Stamps are awesome!

  • Chuck R.

    I’m with you, acetate! I’m not a stamp collector nor an expert, but I’ll call myself an enthusiast. The various cartoons stamps leave me a bit cold, but I love the Latin Jazz design (why didn’t they do several and call out some personalities? Too Cuban?) Cartoon Modern fans might also like the current designs based on the work of Chas and Ray Eames:

    Other favorites from recent years: Dinosaurs by James Gurney, Classic Movie Monsters by Thomas Blackshear, and Comedians and Silent Screen Stars by Al Hirschfeld.
    (I’ve read that the Hallelujah! stamp from the Black Vintage Cinema series is Hirschfeld’s work as well.)

  • pat

    The post office is busier than ever because of ebay and amazon.