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Daily Christmas Card (#2)

(Courtesy the collection of Tim Walker)

  • was Mel Blanc shilling for Colgate, or was that a standard gift at the time?

  • Nero

    The radius and ulna of Bugs’s right arm are fractured.

  • Jess

    wasn’t mel jewish?

  • William

    Just scrolling through the main site page, Bugs instantly stands out as the only image with even the slightest appeal. Amazing.

  • Barbara – Colgate was the sponsor of his radio show, The Mel Blanc Show (1946-47). That reference dates this card from Christmas 1946.

    • Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

  • Gerard de Souza

    Noel Blanc. French for White Christmas.

  • Brent

    Yes Mel was Jewish, but that never stopped him from sending Christmas cards. According to his autobiography he said that he didn’t know that Noel was the French word for Christmas. He just liked the name.

  • Ken Layton

    There were many Colgate Tooth Powder commercials during the run of the Mel Blanc radio program.