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Cartoon Culture

Daily Christmas Card (#3)

This was one of a series of mass produced Bugs Bunny Christmas cards commercially released in the 1940s – this particular one sent by WB cartoon producer Edward Selzer himself. Click to see the interior image (below) at a larger size:

(Courtesy the collection of Tim Walker)

  • eeteed

    wow! that’s really beautiful!

  • These cards are fantastic. The drawing, the design… Gorgeous!

  • Bob

    You ….. HAVE MADE MY DAY! Thanks!

  • Nero

    That Art Deco typeface on “Christmas and New Year” belongs in chrome on the door of a 1946 Crosley refrigerator.

  • Looks like this card was probably done by the same artist who designed a series of placemats released about the same time. One placemat for each day of the week.