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Daily Christmas Card (#8)

What’s Cookin’ Doc? Another classic card from Eddie Selzer and family. Click the image below to see enlarged to full size.

(Courtesy the collection of Tim Walker)

  • The Gee

    This might seem like a stupid question:

    do we know if these were just cards that were delivered or was there a particular gift that the cards accompanied? Like, for this one, was there a cookbook as a present?

    I guess the gags or whatever kind of cleverness they are going for might be inside jokes or generational but it also seems like this one and an earlier one might hint at some present the recipient was getting.

    Other than that:

    Yowza! Them’s some mighty fine curves in almost everything there, including the hand lettering.

  • dbenson

    Was the one-eyed profile an official model? It shows up on most of the cards.