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Dick Clark is Selling His Flintstones Home

Dick Clark Flintstones Mansion

File this one under “Things I Did Not Know About Dick Clark.” Apparently, he owns a one-bedroom Flintstones-inspired home in Malibu, and the LA Times reports that he’s selling it for $3.5 million, though the asking price doesn’t reflect the value of the home so much as it does the 23-acre plot of land it sits on. If you’re curious, here’s the full home tour in all its stone-age goodness.

Dick Clark Flintstones Mansion

(via Laughing Squid)

  • A quarry worker’s salary sure was bigger back in those days. Frankly, I don’t know what Wilma had to complain about!

  • Robert Schaad

    Oh man, that’s cool!!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Very cool! Does it have running water, or do you have to install an elephant?

    • Never mind the elephant, are the rest of appliances run by snarky talking birds?

  • Dutchie

    So, did he have this built before or after his stroke

  • Old Man Father Time

    Does it have a long hallway with the same door and hung picture frame repeated 50 times so I can run past it?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    God what a fine house!

  • Every day, in every way, more and more things appear that make me more dedicated to winning the Powerball.

  • EricB

    S’all yours if you have enough yabba dabba dough.

  • T. Reynolds

    The stone age never looked so posh! I love the lighting.

  • Tony McCarson

    now this is a house for a hanna-barbera fan.

  • Pat Hobby

    Why would you block such gorgeous views by living in a low-ceiling cave?

  • Toonio

    If Seth McFarlane doesn’t buy it, I’ll say he is a phony a big fat phony!

    And what is all that luxury without health? just a thought.

    • Doug

      What a lame comment. Your thought seems to imply that Mr. Clark 1) either doesn’t deserve his wealth and/or that 2) now that he’s in ill health that he doesn’t deserve the luxury.

      Weird and pretty unfeeling comment. From everything i’ve heard (and I happen to know what I’m talking about) Dick Clark is one of the good guys. And he certainly deserves to have a property like this one – stroke or not.

      • Toonio

        I’m not really that bothered by your comment because differently than you I respect your opinion even if you don’t respect mine.

        And although I didn’t mention Mr. Clark is fair to mention I lost any respect for him after what I learned about him in Bowling for Columbine. Not being able to hold your head high to an ass like Mr. Moore has to be a low for any human being, period. At least Mr. Aldrin punched a freak for a well know reason.

        I don’t know if karma exist but as witches (real or not) they do fly.

      • Doug

        “I respect your opinion even if you don’t respect mine”

        True I don’t respect this opinion. I respect your right to voice it, as I have mine, yet I still disagree with it and feel its quite lame.

        I haven’t seen Michael Moore’s movie, so I don’t know what all the flap is about, but I also don’t put much stock in his films, or his techniques of illiciting “the truth” from his subjects.

        I am mystified how this interview with Dick Clark in a movie by M.Moore would spark such a seemingling unfeeling and off-base remark about someone with money enjoying the fruits of his many years of his labor – stroke or not.

  • Mike

    I shudder to think of the ensuing depreciation once Seth McFarlane destroys the Flinstones’ credibility forever.

  • top cat james

    Among the neighborhood amenities is a drive-in restaurant that serves an order of ribs so generously over portioned your car will actually tip over (Friday nights only).

  • David Breneman

    I’m sure whoever buys it will have a gay old time… In the strictly platonic sense of the term.

  • Dave

    I’m sure it already has a back yard swimming pool, but if it doesn’t, I’m going to become best friends with the next door neighbor and convince him to dig the hole for our pool. Because our friendship won’t be written in blood, it’ll be written in water….pool water.

  • It’s even got a Stone Age TV.

  • jordan reichek

    i dunno. seems more Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru than Flintstone.

  • Andrew Farago

    Eh, it’s a living.

  • Sarah J

    Okay, I may not be a big fan of The Flintstones, but that is a REALLY awesome house!

  • So, has anyone found out why Dick Clark owns a Flintstones-esque house?

    Other than that once you learn it’s possible to it’s hard to think of reasons someone wouldn’t own a Flintstones-esque house?

    • Kyle Maloney

      Because he can. I would own a ton of pointless movie/tv show themed houses/rooms if I could afford to.

  • Geneva

    I find it really funny that the website does not mention the water-spouting elephant in the room that the “romantic Malibu retreat” is Flintstones-themed. ;)

  • Al E. Jordan

    That is one surrealistically gorgeous looking piece of property. Nope, no sign of a single mammal- or avian-integrated appliance anywhere here. (At this point, I beg that you please pardon my geek-rambling.) If a house like this did exist in the H-B universe’s Stone Age, it would certainly be considered ahead of it’s time. And I suppose the “5-percenters” of that Stone Age would be the only ones who could afford such advanced amenities, while the middle-class had to settle with the more affordable warthog trash dispensers and
    pygmy mammoth vacuums. This actually looks more like a house that could’ve been lived in by the likes of “Rockell” Welch!