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Dirty Tweety Bird in London


Brew reader Jonathan Sloman spotted this NSFW Tweety street art plastered onto a lampost in London. Fair warning: the full image after the jump may give you nightmares.

If you want to see it for yourself, it’s located (quite appropriately) on Shaftesbury Avenue.

  • purin

    Oddly enough, I’m disappointed because I feel so much more could have been done with making a NSFW, disturbing Tweety bird.

  • Jeffers

    Someone drew/traced Tweety with a phallus attached to its head and this qualifies as CB news? At least now I know what it takes to get artwork posted here.

    • amid

      Jeffers – Make sure to also post the immature image on a major London street.

  • rosa

    Penis aside, his roast-chicken-shaped head is sort of funny.

  • Julius Gryphon

    Wait, so Tweety has a roast chicken for a head that in turn has a penis for a neck/head? There is some deep, carnal symbology going on that Freud would have had a field day with…but I just don’t get at all.

  • top cat james

    “Hey, puddy tat, what’s a ‘China syndwome'”?

  • I had my suspicions and it looks like I’m right…it’s the work of Dickchicken. The image is in his Big Cartel store:
    This is where I found out about him:
    He posts on Twitter under the name “Richard Poultry”. :)

  • Nena

    I dont understand how this is relevant to any sort of animation related news. People do stuff like this all the time and you have the audacity to post it to what I thought was a professional animation news blog.

  • aaron

    dick chicken vers 2.0

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if that was an advertisement for KFC:

  • Luke

    I think it’s kind of stupid, but creative never the less. Well drawn too. I wonder if that picture was licensed? :)

  • Was my face red.

    I tawt I saw a pussy…

  • Eric

    Looks like the SNORKS.

  • Alissa

    Meh, I’ve seen worse. Tweety’s chicken thigh cheeks were pretty funny though.

  • Bad Doggy

    Dickchicken strikes again.

  • Carmonster

    It’s definitely dickchicken. A good one too…

  • oh my…..more cute than offensive