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“Disasterland” Depicts Disney Characters In Adult Situations

Disney characters transposed into real-world adult situations have existed as long as Disney animation has existed. Take, for example, Disney-themed Tijuana Bibles and Wally Wood’s “Disneyland Memorial Orgy” drawing. Fast forward forty years later and these types of images are a dime a dozen, drawn by thousands of amateur artists and posted all over the Internet.

It takes a certain bravado to turn these silly drawings into oil paintings and then sell them for thousands of dollars a pop to trust fund hipsters who have more money than taste. That’s exactly the gameplan of Mexican artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros whose new art show “Disasterland” opens tomorrow night at La Luz de Jesus (4633 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles ,CA 90027). The show description includes some standard art world mumbo-jumbo explaining his artistic intent, but the complete lack of irony and wit in his work can’t elevate this beyond a puerile attempt to shock. The entire series is viewable on the gallery’s website.

  • victoria

    I laughed harder at the Sleeping Beauty one than I should’ve.

  • you guys are really laying out some scantily clad artillery today.

  • Mat H

    This is really…..stupid.

  • Sterfish

    A lot of these pics are maybe a step above cartoon porn in depth (Peter Pan is dressed like Michael Jackson because Michael Jackson liked Peter Pan!). I will admit that “Snow and Blood,” which features Bambi curled up next to his dead mother, actually caught my eye. It’s the only piece that seems to take itself seriously. A collection of art that explores the unseen darker elements of Disney films in the vein of that painting would be a lot more interesting.

  • Toonio

    Are those prices for real? Although if I had $800 to blow I’d get that Mexican Mickey in a heartbeat.

  • Mike

    Not going to bother looking at the other pieces, but the ones posted here are utterly without taste, artistic merit, or anything important to say.

  • Is it wrong that I kept laughing while I was looking at all of them?

  • tjr

    I thought the Captain Hook and Jafar kissing each other picture was amusing, but then I scrolled down and saw how awful most of the rest of it was, and I have to agree. Pretty damn juvenile (and that’s being kind). It’s funny because Wally Woods Disneyland’s Memorial Day orgy deals with the same subject matter and yet manages to be very funny. But Wally Wood is much better artist, and he knows “Funny”.

  • I think these are great! My god Cartoon brew readers can be such prudes.

    • It’s just that these images are not only not funny, but they’re really boring too.

  • To me the artwork ranges from interesting (The Two Snow Whites, via amusing (Snow Queen, Love is the Answer – Jafar & Captain Hook)to downright stupid, awful or juvenile(Grindhouse Esmeralda, Spring XXX, Buffalo Soldier etc.).
    Unfortunately the latter category dominates. That’s a pity, for I sense some potential here. I’m wondering what the chronology is…

  • Cybertoon

    These pictures are uncalled-for.
    And they may confuse children.

    • We wouldn’t want to confuse the children.

  • James

    If I was in middle school, this would be hilarious. Unfortunately, too many have that sort of that Family Guy vibe of putting kiddie material in “adult” context or situations, except the Family Guy gags are more clever and interesting in comparison.

    Much of it looks like the sort of stuff 6th graders would draw on their notebooks when they are bored in class or photoshop at home, except with a bit more polish.

    “The Two Snow Whites” and maybe a few others seem genuinely inspired, but the majority only pass as adult situations through the eyes of someone who had just reached puberty. The concept of this sort of art is pretty ripe in possibilities, but what we have here is a lot less interesting.

    • Yeah…. thank god we have Family Guy. Cleverer and more interesting. Even more than Wally Wood.


  • You can find stuff like this on DeviantArt any day of the week. XD

  • Seamus

    Would it be fair to suggest that as the artist’s work has provoked an impassioned reaction (albeit an indignant, dismissive one), they have succeeded?

    • Funkybat

      I personally find the criteria of “if the artwork provoked a strong response of any kind, it succeeded” to be a trite postmodern fallacy. I may not fit in with some of the more highfalutin’ schools of thought on this, but to me, artwork is successful if it has something relevant to say, is executed with technical skill, and is imbued with some kind of intended meaning, if still open to interpretation.

      I find the obsession in the “high art” world with disjointed, naively-executed, and purposely vague-to-meaningless “art” to be very old and tired. I’d rather buy up half the stuff in Artist’s Alley at Comic Con than spend the same amount of money on a single piece of most “contemporary art” in a fancy NY or LA gallery.

    • Art that provokes discussion about how bad it is might not really be said to have succeeded, except in the most basic, Wildeian form of celebrity: the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

      I work in a museum and have seen many exhibits come and go. The ones that I think succeeded as art were masterfully executed, had multiple layers of meaning and required some deep intellectual engagement to understand them (to the point of even having to go back and do research). Now granted, pure abstract art doesn’t necessarily fall into that category, but even that can be appreciated on purely aesthetic grounds. Art that did not succeed, for me, made poorly executed and superficial attempts to be thought-provoking… Childish messages at a childish level made in a childish way. Sure, it got me talking about them, I suppose, but perhaps not in the way intended.

  • TheBandSnapsBack

    Ha ha ha! Has this person ever heard of rule 34? DeviantArt? The Internet? This kind of thing stopped being daring a decade ago. At least. Just image Google ‘Disney porn’ or ‘Disney hentai’. You’re welcome.

  • This is not that far removed from “Loony Toons Bounce” in sensibilities and understanding. Hard to understand how one receives some praise and the other dismissed. Always interesting when a sideshow is treated like its the Main Event. Silly is silly, in music or art. Passing it on shows support and encouragement. As they say, even a bad review is good if you get a picture and they spell your name right.

  • oh myyyyyy HOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW controversialllllllllll, i find people that still thinks disney characters doing “gritty” adult stuff sort of like a missing link, a biological distant cousin 2 rungs lower on the evolution chain. The preservationist inside of me sort of relishes its rare existence while the call of natural selection inside my gene pool sort of wants to club it to death for being so…. lame.

  • Simba licking his balls would be funny enough on its own, but having him take the place of the MGM lion was just confusing since they’re different companies. Obviously the point wasn’t accuracy, but damn it if the greatest impediment to my sophomoric pleasures is poor conceptualization.

  • Cinderella in the Lady Gaga meat dress as her fairy godmother makes the “No, that’s not right,” is actually kind of charming, I must say. I would have liked the tabloid-style photo of Cinderella getting out of the car and accidentally exposing herself if it was the pumpkin carriage she was getting out of.

  • George

    None of this would have any satirical merit if Disney weren’t hyper obsessed with itself as a family friendly brand, above all else. That is the hypocrisy that is being pricked here, and it always needs a good pricking.

  • Funkybat

    Does anyone know what original artwork “The Two Snow Whites” is based on/parodying?

  • This has a history all the way back to Lampwick lighting his match in the pool hall using Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa as a surface. It is a funny love / hate reference of appreciation for other artists while lifting your leg an defiling it at the same time. In Pinocchio the “bad boys” behavior towards “art” was for context. There is craft shown here but not originality. Clever is not intelligent. There is little melding (except in Bambi, where that could have been an actual scene off camera) there is a mulching of current culture and past relationships. They do little, if anything, for the art of animation or in animating art.
    Combining these themes and images with Thomas Kinkade’s Disney inspired series would have been a more interesting mix, but would require more ability.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Sure would, and that Bambi picture sighted came close, yet in the demented part of my brain, just seeing the dalmatians in that bit also gave me some giggles if only for being the Disney we’d never see anyway, but yeah, this does require more skill to pull it off effectively.

  • Is this even legal? Dan O’Neill was sued by Disney for the Air Pirates Funnies copyright infringement, because he put Disney characters in adult situations. Does it have to be funny to be considered parody and fair use? ’cause these ain’t.

    • Kevin Martinez

      Dan O’Neill really wanted that fight; why else would he have copies of “Air Pirates” snuck into a Disney board meeting?

      This just feels redundant and pointless; like some enterprising huckster wanted to make beaucoup money off something people have done, for free, for years.

    • Vik

      I recall that on the back cover of one of the Air Pirates underground comic books that they were offering subscriptions to the Air Pirates comics. So it appeared that Dan O’Neill was hoping to make long-term bank on doing dirty spoofs of Disney characters.

      There was another fine artist named Rachel Hecker who, 10-17 years ago, did fine art paintings incorporating Disney, Harveytoons, and Hello Kitty characters and incorporating adult themes like nudity and suicide. Hecker eventually stopped using licensed characters in her art for fear of being sued by the characters’ copyright holders.

      I’m not sure how José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros is escaping being sued by Disney. Could be he’s protected by some sort of fair use involving parody but I wonder exactly how many parody paintings constitute fair use before a judge says to stop.

  • David


    Why did you even post this? They’re pretty lame.

  • Alissa

    I guess it’s been a slow news week?

    Maybe I’m just desensitized, but this can’t possibly be seen as scandalous, can it? Just go to Deviant Art or hell, just Google and you’ll see this stuff everywhere.

    Still, watching Disney kick his ass over copyright infringement could be funny…

  • The sleeping beauty one would’ve been funny if it had Freddy’s hand right through her chest while she’s screaming in agony. In this modern day of age, don’t be surprised if anyone does stuff like this. Hell, does rule 34 or even Deviantart ring a bell to anyone? As Gagaman already pointed out, there’s stuff like this crawling all over deviantart. In fact, someone made a rather cool(but very graphic) fan art of Jack(from nightmare before xmas) dressed as freddy kruger.

    Its shows like Family guy that abuse this when it comes to putting kid products in adult situations. To me, its rarely funny since this is the first thing that artists even do is parody the daylights out of Disney. There have been only three of these putting kid products into adult situations that I have saw that have been funny. One of which is the simpsons(I know a couple of episodes parodied Disney, as well as the infamous scene in the Simpsons movie. where Marge and Homer are about to have sex and the Disney like animals come in). The beginning of the first Screwy squirrel cartoon, where Screwy beats the daylights out of the Disney like character, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day(which is a parody of Disney as well as the cutesy animal stuff as a complete whole).

    Too bad that there isn’t a picture(or even fanart for that matter) of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot dropping an anvil on the animated characters from Quest for Camelot.

  • “Puerile attempt to shock?” I don’t think the artists here really care whether or not they shock anyone. It looks more like a purely cynical- if rather successful – marketing exercise. Mildly depressing, nothing more.

  • Confusion

    Reminds me of this youtube video I saw not too long ago…


  • As always, kids think they’re being new, bold and daring. Been there. Done that.

    There were special screenings at Disney back in the fifties where the Disney characters did “interesting things” and they were also beautifully animated.

    Of course, you never heard this from me.

    • Inkan1969

      If those screenings still exist, I’d sure like to hear a lead to them, though not from you of course. :-)

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I bet those were indeed fun times!

  • Inkan1969

    What a rip. The artist may be more skilled than rule34 internet amateurs, but the art is still the same superficial idea. At least Wally Wood’s painting had a point.

    • Alissa

      More skilled? I guess… Most of the pictures here (I see no point in going to the actual site) seem heavily referenced/traced with the ‘edgy’ portions pretty much tacked on. The Sleeping Freddy and Esmeralda in particular are rather shoddy. And Hook’s face seems kinda fat.

      Seriously if he wanted to shock, shock with some style and substance.

  • Ryoku75

    You know, its one thing when the news gets all controveral to get more readers but its another when its fan art done in poor taste.

  • MT

    sad cry for attention – and yeah … it worked… made y’look!

    anyone that would hang this stuff has special needs – VERY special

  • Scarabim

    Lame. Anybody who’d buy that stuff deserves to be parted from his money.

  • I think some of them are ok. Not the characters kissing or f**cking ones, that’s for sure.

    I like the Grindhouse Esmeralda, the two Snowhites or the Lady Gaga Cinderella. And I like the fact that even though they are not perfect drawings he took some care in drawing some of them on model and giving the right colors.

    So yeah, not exactly brilliant stuff but not the worst of this kind of thing either.

  • Vince

    As of 5 PM PST it looks like 11 out of 25 have already sold and viewing party is tonight. wow

  • 90’s WDFA Vet

    The gag drawings produced by the story guys during the Mermaid/Beauty/Aladdin/Lion King era were funnier, filthier, and better drawn than anything here..

  • Glowworm

    The Simba one is my favorite!

  • Eveready Harton

    For those of you who don’t know who I am,

    Google me.

    :: swats flies ::

  • Oliver

    Register with DeviantArt or FurAffinity, and go check out what’s there. Makes this stuff look as tame as Annie Leibovitz’ celebrity sycophancy for Disney.

  • oh well…… at least he uses a canvas with real paint and not digital color.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      At least he got his hands ‘dirty’ this way!

  • This reminds me of my general attitudes towards trying to make fairy tales “dark” and “gritty”… There are ways of doing that which are stylish and bring out latent negative themes in the original work while still respecting the work. About the only one here that comes close to that is the one of Bambi beside his dead monther. Then there are the ways of doing that which are purile, iconcoclastic for the sake of it, and violent, as though any of those things were shocking anymore. The rest pretty much falls into that category.

    The iconoclastic for the sake of it worked when I was a teenager and had no taste. For me, the far more daring shift was returning to Disney to appreciate it with sincerity… To look at Fantasia or Snow White or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or The Absent Minded Professor or the Haunted Mansion or the Enchanted Tiki Room and appreciate it as something genuinely beautiful. Getting over your “look I’m being ironic and think everything is shit!” phase is much more difficult yet much more rewarding to you as a human being.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      We’ve all gone through that phase certainly, and learned to appreciate it when we’re older.

  • andreas Wessel-Therhorn

    that people are paying for this derivative crap is the most surprising thing

    • iseewhatyoudidthere

      If they were fan-art on DeviantArt, I would find some of them *kind* of funny and pretty well-done in a shock-art sense. But the fact that pieces like “Spring XXX” was sold for thousands of dollars is the real shock.

      Or maybe I’m just hating on the guy because I didn’t think of it first ;)

  • Snappy

    These are awful, not funny and shockingly overpriced.

  • Talk about going Off Model ;)

  • outtapez

    Good call, Amid. Shock art, geared to get a rise. But upon closer inspection, you can see the lack of skill, the use of roto and feeling of ideas being thrown around at a hipster coffee house “wouldn’t it be funny..” chat session. Thanks for the post.

  • joe

    Kind of amusing but nothing novel. Shock comedy has gotten old and I’m a little tired of it. These are a minor diversion for me and nothing more.

  • iseewhatyoudidthere

    Seriously, Ontiveros. You looked at “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and that mashup was the only “adult” thing you could come up with involving Esmeralda? For shame.

  • Deviantart beat these bozos to the punch a long time ago