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Do candy wrappers turn you on?

Are the cartoon images on these candy wrappers “pornographic”? Apparently some parents in England think so, according to this article. From the folks who invented the Gummi Bears, Haribo, comes a new way to package all-day suckers and sour balls.
You be the judge.

  • All I know is I want some. Kirsche, bitte.

  • Doofus

    Just a humble opinion, but that’s hilarious. I’ll never be able to shake these images. In fact it makes me wanna buy a pack. :D

  • The cherry one looks especially good. Who doesn’t love a good cherry?*

  • Dock Miles


    Oh, sorry, I was just doing the deed with my wife … what did you say?

  • I think the Penny Arcade guys have prior art on this one.

  • joe s

    those are big sour balls

  • RoboFingernail

    Haha…amazing…. they definitely make me wanna to put something in my mouth.

  • Oh that is sexy!!

  • Mandy

    Where is that lemon going? lol.

  • ZAR

    Some “people” (read: morons and bigots) will see “perversion” in everything.

  • ah Europe! Its pseudo-pornographic advertising never ceases to amuse

  • im loving the wiggle lines! *gasp*

  • Neil

    Zar: “Some “people” (read: morons and bigots) will see “perversion” in everything.”

    I’m not a moron or a bigot, and I really think it’s deliberate. In another article ( ) spokespeople for the company pretty much admit to it:

    ‘Haribo bosses admit the new packaging is “very racy”, but said in tests no complaints had been raised.

    Spokesman Marco Alfter said: “The new wrapping is certainly fruitier than the old.”‘

    I remember when these things came out, and honestly, I think they’re hilarious. The first one I saw had the apple hugging a strawberry from behind.

  • Adam

    If these get banned they’ll become sought after collectors items

  • Gobo

    These have been around (and popular) for YEARS, and some parent is just discovering them now?

  • uncle wayne

    Funny! No 2 ways about it….the Lemon & Lime are Havin’ a Good TIME!

  • I immediately thought that looked like instances of rule 34 porn right away – even before reading your post. But being so toony I just find it joyful and amusing.

  • These are great! I actually have one here at home I brought back from England because it seemed kinda suggestive and I thought it was funny. These are way more blatant. I guess they upped the stakes in the last year or so.

  • Bill Ding

    Looks a lot like Robert Crumb’s work. The green guy and the lemon sure are getting friendly.

  • J. Shamblin

    I raise cherry trees and I after seeing this, I’ll never let any green beans into my backyard!


  • I’ve been eating these sweets for years and the artwork has always given me a good chuckle. What else could they be doing? The lime is like one of those guys in amateur porn who loves to be on the camera, and the other half of that cheery can’t wait to has it’s turn!

  • Michel Van

    Wats a joke
    in 2002 Harbio change the wrappers with this “Layout”
    it has take 7 years until someone noticing that
    and that someone see this as “pornographic”

    Wat is wrong with those People ?
    they make also same fuzz about Corn flakes packing,
    because the Cereal resemble a mass orgy ?

    (i eat MAOAM since my childhood, and i never notice the change of the wrappers)

  • Hopefully, this is hard candy.

  • i see nothing too bad with this, but i must admit they look rather riske

  • Shecky

    I love how the other cherry just likes to watch.

  • Paul N

    These people are worried about the imagery when there are blatant palindromes all over the wrapper?

  • victoria

    LMAO at the comments on this post!!

  • Bob

    Hard to say. Everything looks pornographic to me.

  • Keith Paynter

    Mongo like candy…

  • Jason

    Oh, those naughty bits – er, I mean, Brits.

    BTW, just what IS that green fruit who’s trying to pit that cherry? Looks kinda like a Lima bean. That’d be an odd combination, in more ways than one.

    You know, what’s really funny about this is that a much louder outcry would have occurred had, say, the Lima bean and the lemon looked female. But they all look like guys. Maybe someone at the ad company took the slang word “fruit” a little too literally…

  • Ryan

    I bought a pack of these last week, and the fruits are not touching him anymore – seems the protesters got their way :(

  • TimmyElliot

    Found another one with that green bean-guy and an orange:

    Not quite sure what he’s doing with the strawberry:

  • Chris Sobieniak

    The kind of thing that could turn into an internet meme too easily (people are not that dumb to cash in on it).

    Seeing these reminded me of a commercial back in the day where a hostess enters into a hotel room and sees fruit on a bed making out. I think the commercial was for Fruitopia if anyone remembers that around here (found out they dropped it stateside years back).

  • matt

    Hang on, shouldn’t that be two lemons?!

  • JanniR

    This falls under the category of “Things kids wouldn’t have seen anything wrong with if their parents didn’t tell them they were dirty”.


    Of course these are fruit you realize…
    But I think if your going to mix and match your flavors, interfrutial relationships are always controversial… how else are you going to get a strawberry banana shake? And just what do you think those LifeSavers have been doing in that little round packages all these years? Playing cards? There is a reason they have holes in them you know… How naive do you think I am?

  • Steve Gattuso

    There’s suggestive, and then there’s “subtle as a lime green hand grenade.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  • Guilty As Charged!!

  • I’ve always wondered how they get some of those flavor combinations ….

  • Rock hard candy with a gooey center, yes?

    Man, that green guy gets around. One minute he’s with the cherries, the next, he’s giving ti to the strawberry from behind. Hope he’s not spreading some sort of fruit blight around.

  • annie

    I doubt any kid that’s been sexually molested thinks this is funny.
    I’m against sexualizing products aimed at kids.