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“Donald Duck” as a Dogme film

Donald leads a tormented life on the unforgiving streets of Duckburg, where sometimes he must betray his own conscience to make ends meet. Donald has to raise his 3 nephews, deal with his girlfriend and put up working for his stingy uncle; the richest duck in town.

Sounds like Carl Barks? Think again. From Icelandic comedy group Mid-Island, comes this mock trailer about the lives and times of Donald Duck… in Danish and filmed in the style of Lars von Trier’s Dogme 95.

(Thanks, Cameron Koller)

  • Quacky Doodle


  • Seems about right to me. More!

  • Mike B

    Was that Gizmo Duck in the corner Scrooges office?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Looks like a suit of armor to me.

  • Mike Johnson

    This. Was. Beautiful.

  • Toonio

    And THIS is the way those 80s TV revival movies has to be done.

  • top cat james

    They failed to mention Gyro Gearloose’s death in a meth lab explosion.

  • It’s very clever; I wish it was funnier. Also, if I didn’t know it was supposed to be a parody of Dogme 95, I wouldn’t have guessed — it looks too good.

  • tredlow

    I’ve never heard of Dogma 95, so I might have missed some jokes, but this kinda felt as if they just took the characters and premises of the Donald Duck story, and just put tragic spins on them. I’m not that impressed.

    But, again, I’ve never heard of Dogma 95, so I only understood it halfway, probably.

  • Nothing about that seemed like a Dogma 95 film to me, it broke most of the rules. But it was very entertaining nonetheless, I Iike how they worked Magica in.

    • yeah, they broke these for certain:

      “Filming must be done on location. Props and sets must not be brought in. If a particular prop is necessary for the story, a location must be chosen where this prop is to be found.”

      “The sound must never be produced apart from the images or vice versa. Music must not be used unless it occurs within the scene being filmed, i.e., diegetic.”

      “The camera must be a hand-held camera. Any movement or immobility attainable in the hand is permitted. The film must not take place where the camera is standing; filming must take place where the action takes place.”

      “The film must not contain superficial action (murders, weapons, etc. must not occur.)”

      “The film format must be Academy 35 mm.”

      still, I would love to see Disney characters done in other film makers styles. How about Terrence Malick or Alejandro Jodorowsky next?

      • Ha, After just watching Anti-Christ & Melancholia, It’d be interesting to see Lars von Trier take a crack a disney film.

      • Cameron Koller

        To be fair, it’s not like Dogme 95 filmmakers follow their own rules…

  • What? was? that?

    No. more. please.

  • This is funny, but the camera is not shaky enough for a Lars von Trier Dogma film.

  • Brian Meyer

    entertaining. I would watch more of these.

  • That was pretty hilarious.

  • dbenson

    The 313 license plate . . . Europeans are definitely comic literate.

  • This was not particularly funny. Take away the subtitles and it’s another boring, serious, neo-realist film. The only visual that looks like it was created with Barks in mind was the three nephews, and even that is a stretch.

  • No. Just…no.

  • FoxyLady

    My poor childhood.

  • Am I the only person getting tired of these Internet that darkly adapt cartoons to live-action? At first, it was interesting, but after watching so many of these, they’re all starting to feel the same. Just replicate character costumes and makeup, make them overtly tragic and add some death and sexual overtones and boom, you have an Internet viral video. It’s not very clever anymore.

    • You hit the nail on the head.

    • Aaron

      THANK YOU.

    • tredlow

      Nah, some of them can be pretty clever. This one, though, just did the obvious jokes.

  • Roberto

    I didn’t watch too many Dogma films. I get the look is somewhat close to Dogma but the plot seems more like a Tarantino/Guy Ritchie kind of thing. Either way it’s pretty well done and funnier than other spoofs of this kind.

    Even watching this spoof full of profanity, sex and drugs I can see how good an animated movie about Donald Duck could be (I mean one with a plot, Three Caballeros was great in a different way) . The issues of having debts, bad luck, dealing with a rich uncle or fighting the other guys that are after your girlfriend have been essential to Donald Duck comics over the years and perfectly suitable for good and clever stories that don’t take childrens as babies.

  • Steve Menke

    This seems to remind me more of Fassbinder than Dogme…

    Was it a Scandinavian country that once (early 80s) restricted youth access to Donald Duck comics, due to the (mistaken) impression that Huey, Dewey, and Louie were Donald’s illegitimate offspring? (Guess there was no translation equivalent for “Unca.”)

  • Chuck DEEZY

    Suits Disney just fine….not familiar with Dogma, though. I’d definitely watch this

  • Michael

    Points for using Magica de Spell.

  • ara

    pretty funny (a bit too dark for my tastes, but I like how they translated the characters into real-life adaptations–Goofy was the most hilarious…I’m trying to imagine a real drug dealer who might have others call him that…”Where can I get the stuff?” “Oh, there’s this guy, “Goofy”…he’ll hook you up.” Ok, sorry I’m putting way to much thought into this). it would’ve been nice if the themes could’ve been a bit lighter and fun, but overall i did enjoy it…

  • Martin Jakobsen

    Actually, this seems to specifically parody the film Pusher (possibly the two sequels as well, but embarrassingly I haven’t got around to waching them yet) by Nicolas Winding Refn, who certainly isn’t a part of the Dogme movement. There are some superficial similarities, but that’s mostly due to low budget and handheld camera.

  • Funkybat

    My favorite part was the IRL Gladstone. The bit with Uncle Scrooge was funny, though I wouldn’t have imagined Scrooge being quite so shaky and doddering.

  • pez

    i wish this was real!!!

  • Robuttnik

    “huk huk wurs mi fukin munee dolan”
    “Gooby pls”