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Dressing Up As Classic Disney Animators

Disney Animator Costumes

Trevor Hutchison and Shane McCarthy were invited to a Disney-themed costume party recently, and instead of dressing up as a cartoon character, they went as “Disney Animators from the Golden Era of Animation.” They even made vintage Disney ID cards and animation drawings to complete the effect, and they certainly wouldn’t look out of place working at the Hyperion studio. Details on Trevor’s blog.

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Points for class.

  • Kara

    Aww too bad girls can’t dress up as classic animators! Kidding kidding :)

    Props for originality and attention to details.

  • excellent idea!

  • They should have staged a strike.

  • Ha! That’s pretty good. I recognize the look instantly.

  • Alberto

    Costumes? I dress like that everyday!

  • That’s awesome… er… nifty!

  • Tim Hodge

    During production on the Roger Rabbit short “Trail Mix-Up”, Barry Cook dressed up as “Vernon Snipe, the 10th Old Man” for Halloween. Gray hair, horn-rim glasses, and a cardigan sweater worthy of Ollie Johnston. He stayed in character all day, even giving sweatbox notes on dailies.

  • Dean Valley

    These guys look like boys. The vintage Disney animators looked like men. This can’t be helped. Impossible to duplicate everything down to the last molecule. But nice tip of the hat to the 1920’s/30’s.

  • When I saw this I immediately thought to mention Barry Cook’s “Vern, the 10th Old Man” , but I just noticed Tim Hodge beat me to it.

    It was classic . And if I recall “Vern” made more than one appearance during a few different Halloweens at Disney Feature Animation .

  • Pedro Nakama

    Yes but one thing is with all of the animation reference material out now and all of the films available on DVD, the classic Disney artists were much better artists. And it wasn’t the clothes that made them better.

  • Mr. Smartypantsl

    I recognize Andy Dick but who’s the other guy?

  • Well, the old guys were once young guys. I’ve seen a number of vintage photographs of the old animators in their early twenties.

    Cool idea in any case. Well done.

  • Grayson Ponti

    I myself have thought about dressing up as Bob Clampett for Halloween. I don’t know what looks I’ll get for wearing a jacket covered with patches of cartoon characters though. haha

  • mrscriblam

    hahaha clever!

  • So handsome!

  • ted schekler

    this really warrants a post?

  • Seriously? We’re getting poo-poo comments even on this post? *sigh*

    I think this is hilarious. Love it, Trevor & Shane.

  • Garret

    They should implement the art and production from that time, not just golf attire. Maybe then we’d see a good film from the studio that died after Lion-King.

  • Rooniman

    Thats a nice photo.

  • Sigh. If only animation guys dressed like this every day. Wait..then I wouldn’t get any work done. :D

  • Peter H

    Really nice work, especially the identity cards! Only one slight slip – the main drawing of Oswald (as shown on the blog) is from a post-Disney model sheet (I think it’s the first Universal Lantz/Nolan one) when he was kitted out with gloves and shoes in imitation of Mickey.

  • Yay – sweater vests forever!

  • Geeks!!!!! Haha..

    Seriously though, great idea. Nice detail on the cards too(*wow!)

  • @Ward: I was going to write the same thing!

    I think the average Brew animation geek is someone who has atrophy on some of his/her face muscles, specially those related to smiling. The brow muscles, on the other hand, are still fine.. Is animation really a place where no fun is allowed?

  • Btw… AMAZING idea! :D

  • peter wassink

    nice, pitty they forgot the ‘pencil’ moustaches though.
    that would have nailed it.