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“Alice” is an electronic piece of music by a young South African artist named Nick Bertke. He explains that “90% is composed using sounds recorded from the Disney film ‘Alice In Wonderland’.” Music video is below, MP3 download is for free here.
(via Kottke)

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  • Hobo Divine


  • Very catchy tune!

  • Stan

    The tunes from Alice in Wonderland are some of the best Disney ever produced.


  • Very relaxing. Almost easy-listening.

  • Mr. Semaj


  • PorkyMills

    Amazing combination of audio and visuals. Makes me see “Alice in Wonderland” in a new light. This is why I come to this site!

  • david_j

    This is so tasteful! A great way to re-imagine the movie.
    Please make more, Nick.

  • Shawn Jackson

    Beautiful. I love it.

  • I like a good sampled dance tune, and that is certainly a fine track. Shame that the video gets a bit repetitive, like an AMV with a limited usage of clips.

  • love the video clip, for some reason the part where Alice says “Always” I find just the way she moves in that quick clip mesmerizing.

    Wish there was a better quality version than youtube though.

  • That is a great piece of work … it breathes new life into that film, brings it alive but not in a way that seems to be trying to “hip it up”. Love it.

  • Very cool I hope he makes at least a couple more in this fashion

  • Chuck R.

    I wasn’t expecting to like this. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice work!

  • Reminds me of Björk a little bit. Nicely done.

  • tom

    Just. Amazing.

  • Brilliant remix, and a very nice use of the video. I would love to see some artists do an official album like this.

  • If you click into the MP3 link, you’ll find he has produced a further 3 Alice in Wonderland tracks. Very catchy, relaxing mixes.

  • Kyle

    I cant stop watching it, ha ha.

  • Bruce

    Well this was a surprise, I must say.

    I’ll take a peak to see what other tunes this musician has produced.

  • Emilie

    I love it!
    And it’s so true that Alice is a fabulous inspiration! My brother’s a fan of the tale as well… he did a musical piece with samples from Disney’s Alice as well a while ago. Not at all the same style, but just to share how much this film is a cherished piece of art… :) I think he did it when he was a university student…

    If ever you’re curious:

    Thanks for the fantastic blog!

  • John Owen Grant

    I have been collecting Disney ALICE merchandise and studying the film for thirty years..this is nice,but I will take the Oliver Wallace score first….

  • Creativity is so enchanting. Purely entertaining.

  • GhaleonQ

    I was surprised before when I realized that this wasn’t terrible and shocked that it was fantastic, mesmorizing, and musically sound.

  • Bugsmer

    Reet two: bolumbo batravo! Very interesting, and catchy!

  • Lerrato

    I thought he was Australian.