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Explosive Magoo

Animator and eagle-eyed Brew reader Celia Bullwinkel spotted this faded sidewalk stencil graffiti of Mr. Magoo planting a bomb. The piece is in Greenwich Village. Are there more of these? Does anybody the story behind this image? Click on the image below for a larger version.

Magoo graffiti
  • Zekey


  • Matthew

    Clearly a comment on the short-sightedness of terrorism… or not, as the case may be.

    If it’s a Banksy, Celia should’ve chiseled it out.

  • Chuck R.

    Wow, reminds me of Peter Kuper’s work. What’s he been up to lately? :)

  • Hal

    This looks like something that the British graffitti artist Banksy would do.

  • victorybros

    Definitely not Banksy. That’s not a “well known” stencil by me. The more famous graffiti Magoo painted trains in New York City – Here are some on Flickr –

    And a random piece that has a Mr. Magoo character done fairly recently:

  • Richard

    Oh, Magoo! You’ve done it again!

  • Christopher Olson

    It almost looks like a graphic swiped from one of Nintendo’s Game & Watch titles. I can’t place it though. If anyone here has ever played a Game & Watch game before, they’ll know what I’m talking about.

  • Woodbridge

    It looks like John McCain.

  • FP

    Is it a commentary on the success of the MR. MAGOO movie?

    Maybe Gene Shalit spray-painted it.

  • Nonimus
  • Scott Shaw!

    Magoo probably thinks he’s lighting the candle of a carved pumpkin Jack-o-lantern for Halloween!

  • Eric Angelillo

    That’s funny.

    I spotted a stencil of Snow White with an assault rifle not long ago in my hometown of Montreal. I posted a pic of it a few weeks ago:

    Could they be related?

  • DW

    Oh, the irony of it all.
    A Bullwinkel finding a Magoo.
    So ’60’s.

  • Peter Bernard

    In this version, there’s something above Magoo’s bomb:
    ??? What is he blowing up???