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Fallen Princesses

No, it’s not a scene from Cartoon Network Real (though I wish it were), it’s from a wonderful series of photographs posted on the JPG Magazine blog by Dina Goldstein featuring traditional Disney princess figures (and Red Riding Hood) in realistic or socially problematic scenarios. Snow White and Belle are my favorites. And while Rapunzel is incredibly somber and reflective, Jasmine is just laugh-out-loud absurdity come to life.

(Thanks, Jesse)

  • Funny shots. Lotta work for a gag!

    It’s been the object of so much commentary and analysis in every level of the media over the last 50+ years that I’m always surprised when I read of anyone claiming to be surprised that Disney altered anything of the original fairy tales.

    Maybe it’s Disney’s gift to artists and college film professors. If they didn’t have to Disney to comment on they’d have to work for their subject matter.

  • Tradgedy of P

    Can’t these so-called “modern” artists work on something ORIGINAL? It’s easier to parody something that’s already been done/established.

    Oh yeah, that would mean work for them isn’t that?

  • Xavier

    Derivative content but nice execution. It’s the kind of project I wouldn’t have minded being apart of.

  • Corey K.

    And now, we take you to the early 1600s: “Can’t these so-called ‘modern’ playwrights work on something ORIGINAL? This ‘Hamlet’ is obviously based on ‘The Life of Amleth,’ and ‘Macbeth’ is just a ripoff of a story from the popular ‘Holinshed’s Chronicles’ – heck, the playwright didn’t even bother changing all of the character names! It’s easier to rewrite something that’s already been done/established. Oh yeah, that would mean work for them, wouldn’t it? MAKE UP YOUR OWN STORIES, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE!”

  • top cat james

    At least Beast spared Belle’s fabulous rack.

  • Funny shots. I liked Not So Little Red Riding Hood the most.

  • Dunno if I’m alone in saying this, but they’re all pretty hot.

  • Clever, and offers a hearty giggle or two. Rapunzel was rather intriguing… but worth the result was worth the effort I’m sure.

  • Inkan1969

    Clever gags. The (non Disney) Rapunzel clip was touching. I immediately thought of Farrah Fawcett’s recent passing, and I myself am just finishing chemo for lymphoma, though I guess I’m lucky in that my hair has only thinned.

  • Anne

    OH MY GOD. I love these. :D

  • David Cuny

    Funny? Gags?

    These are (mostly) well done, but I’m not sure I found any of them to be funny. Not even “Jasmine at war.”

    “Not so Little Riding Hood” was the weakest in the set, both because she wasn’t a Princess, and unlike the other characters, she remained in her native setting.

    “Belle” confuses me – I initially assumed she was in the hospital after having been attacked by the Beast. But that didn’t make any sense, because only her face was injured, and the cut along the top of her forehead didn’t make sense. So perhaps she’s in for plastic surgery? That would make more sense (the shot in the lips for collegen, the lines around her eyes for eyelifts, the cut on the forehead for a facelift), but why is one eye black and blue?

    So I’m not sure what to make of that picture.

    it looked more like she was in for plastic surgery than facial reconstruction. I guess that’s because she didn’t have injuries anywhere else, and the “cut” on her forehead was much too

  • Anna

    ha ha, was wondering when these were gonna make it here!

    Red Riding Hood concept is just a cheap shot. Hey, she may be eating junk food, but at least she WALKS PLACES! so in her case – she would get exercise and not be a generic overweight fat kid

    but why is… Cinderella out drinking?

  • Thought provoking, indeed.

    Very ambitious work, with Rapunzel being my favorite in the series.

  • Sunday

    Yep, Belle has problems with her self-image :) Great shot

  • victoria

    This concept was interesting the first 100 times I saw it on deviant art and other places.

  • OMG! They’re hysterical!!!! :-D

  • I loved this homage. So much that I thought she missed one and drew it myself.