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Fleischer “Gulliver’s Travels” Valentine Cards

Nothing says I love you more than Gabby shouting “All’s Well!” from a vintage Valentine Card from 1939. Today’s big ebay find are these nifty Paramount licensed greeting cards from Max Fleischer’s Gulliver’s Travels. Oh yeah, nothing professes true love more than a bound unconscious giant on the beach. I wish I could afford these… Click images and thumbnails below for larger view of these beautiful keepsakes of Valentines past.

(Thanks, Eric Calande)

  • top cat james

    There was tie-in merchandise out TEN months before the movie even premiered? Wonder if that copyright date is accurate.

    Nice cards, though.

  • J Lee

    May have been drawn in 1939, and marketed for Valentine’s Day, 1940

  • Any clue who drew these? Look at Gabby’s hands – just awful.

  • Bud

    Same with Snow White–and most of Disney’s Features. Especially where songs were concerned. A year or so in advance.

    It’s a hap, hap, happy day!

  • Mike

    Ah, finally! A way to win her heart! And at only $35 a pop….

  • I wish I had a set of those to send to my sweetie-pie.

    • Screen grab.
      Print it out.


      Personally, I always design my own cards.

  • They couldn’t even spell “Gaby” (sic). Just something else for the little pest to complain about, I guess.

  • Peter Hale

    It would seem that Gabby’s arms and eyes are on a separate pivoted tab; Prince David rotates at the waist to kiss the Princess; King Bombo’s arms pivot, presumably revealing his own Blefuscu scroll, in the card with both kings, while his top half rotates to puff up his chest on his own card. Gulliver appears to be moveable as well, though I can’t quite figure out how.

    Quite complicated novelty cards – shame about the artwork!

  • Fleischer Fan

    Thanks for the post! It’s always great to see vintage Fleischer merchandise – especially since there was so little of it!

  • Beautiful vintage product, thanks! Love the colors.

  • My mom received the “Gaby” one when it was new–and still has it! (Along with dozens of other valentines she got as a kid.)

  • Inkan1969

    Boy, you sure can’t find valentines like this at the CVS.

  • HC

    Wonder who wrote the verse? They seem like they tried to capture the cadence of the Fleischer/Gulliver world. Wonder if similar merchandise was also done for Hoppity Goes to Town, the Fleischers next (and last) feature?