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Flintstone Flyer Fanatic

Calling all Flintstone freaks! My friend David Nimitz is an animator, caricaturist and Flintstone fanatic par excellence. He always wanted a toy based on the first aired episode of the series, The Flintstone Flyer, but since none existed he built one himself. He took his prehistoric helicopter out to the Vazquez Rocks and shot a few pix (above and below) – and I just had to share. Well done, Dave! Perhaps these will inspire some toy-maker to create a mass-market version. Till then we will play vicariously through your photos…

Click thumbnails below to enlarge. Second row are some of Dave’s tributes to our favorite cartoon voices.

  • That looks sweet. I would certainly part with some cash to get one!

  • Doug Holverson

    My cousin had the View-Master reel with the 3D maquettes of the thing.

    My kindergarten mind back then was wondering how that was done….

  • joe

    That’s pretty nifty.

    Hopefully MacFarlane treats them well.

  • “Funiculi funicula! Funiculi funicula! Funiculi funicula!”

  • Jesse Pindus

    Was he granted permission from Time Warner?

  • Hulk

    Looks Awesome. Does it really fly?

    Makes me miss this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzF87yOq7mE

  • Jesse: he doesn’t need it if he isn’t selling it.

  • Jason

    I saw this in real life! This sculpture is amazing! Marketing this as a real toy would be a smart move! I’d buy one!

  • Katella Gate

    While I enjoyed the Flyer, I really loved the faux title cards for Daws, Don, and Mel.

  • Dan

    Carlo Vinci, Carlo Vinci, Carlo Vinci!!

  • excellent renditions!
    i thought this was stop motion for a second and freaked out.

  • The more I look at the pictures, the more I like this sculpture. The roughness to the characters, the looseness, almost unfinished look to it really appeals to me. Just like the early episodes of the Flintstones, with the really thick holding lines. Those early shows were more about the animation and funny business than worrying about being on model in every shot.

  • Great job! Good on you to make a toy up yourself.

    Did this actually fly?!

  • Jeff

    I may be wrong, but I think about 5 years ago an action figure company did do a Flintstone Flyer. I know there were several Hanna Barbara scenes and I’m thinking one was flyer. Anyone remember those?

  • David Breneman

    But what I want to know is, after he flew it, did he “TAKE A PO-o-o-W’DER?!”

  • Thanks everyone this all mine i always wanted the flyer to my collection i made Fred and barney out of super sculpy and the flyer out of wood and plastic objects its actually on a stand i photo shoped them out for these pictures to make it look like it was flying in Bedrock.

    ive made all the rest of the flintstones as well

    and Mcfarland toys never made the flyer to answer that question they should have and yes Carlo Vinci work on this episode was incredible that’s why i think its one of the top all time favorite episodes

    thanks for the nice comments they are very encouraging to me Dave Nimitz

    • Ron Atkins

      Dave, I just want a bit of advice. I couldn’t find your email anywhere so I am posting here. I recently acquired a Flintstones toy from the early days and can find no info about it. I was hoping you could shed some light for me. It is a Jamar made Flintstones Stoneway piano. I can find nothing about this toy on the internet. I believe Mr. Flintstones has one and that is it. Any help would be appreciated as I plan to put it up for auction. Also is there any groups of collectors I should notify when I get ready to sell….that might be interested in owning the toy. Thanks a lot, Ron Atkins.