For those of you praying for a <em>Mighty Mouse</em> revival… For those of you praying for a <em>Mighty Mouse</em> revival…
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For those of you praying for a Mighty Mouse revival…

…here’s a remake of the Mighty Mouse theme song by a Native American singing tribe, The Black Lodge Singers. If you like this, check out their tributes to Mickey Mouse, The Flintstones and Looney Tunes.

(Thank you, Milton Knight)

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  • Oh my gosh!

    I’m one-quarter Blackfoot Indian and, MAN, you just made my entire year! It’s terrific to hear such a group take a humorous approach to tribal music.

  • uncle wayne

    Well, to quote Mr. Horse, “no, sir, i DON’T ‘like it!’ “

  • Phil

    Here’s something I’ve never considered hearing before.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Just finished watching david simon’s treme on HBO and this reminds me so much of the indian dancers from new orleans I just gotta smile.

  • Autumn

    The Looney Tunes one made me laugh SO HARD

  • I hear that singing is praying two times.

    So it is very good that they sing!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Hearing a bit of that Looney Tunes one makes me wish they’d use that in a Cartoon Network promo! (I’m being serious here too)

  • lola

    oh my god that was awesome

  • top cat james

    What- No “Go Go Gophers”?