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Is this the fate of Bugs Bunny?

Suicide Food is a blog that tracks food marketing that depicts animals (usually cartoon animals) who cheerfully wish to be consumed, cataloging all the real life Cluckin’ Chicken’s out there.

They’ve just done a post on a Spanish fresh rabbit meat market using a grotesque amateur sign picturing Bugs Bunny’s head on a skinned rabbit carcass as a come on. Yeeeeecccchhh!

(Thanks, Doran Gaston)

  • I don’t know what you’re complaining about, but everytime I see Bugs Bunny’s face, I think of good eats.

  • Nic Kramer

    To quote “We the Animals Squeak” (1941), “Why, that’s murder!”.

  • To paraphrase the title of a Michael Moore short subject follow up to “Roger and Me”…

    Toons…. or MEAT?

  • Michelle

    Bugs looks like he’s doing a “Slim Goodbody” impersonation…

  • Eh…what’s up with the arms, Doc? They’re a hare…er…hair short!

    I guess old Elmer DID have ONE good shot in him…

  • Dock Miles

    Hey, the Flayed God has been around for awhile.

  • MattSullivan

    Makes you wonder if this is just for the rabbits, or an anti-american slogan in disguise

  • Attention WB Execs: Here’s your next franchise. We all know Loonatics was DOA, but Loco Comidas is an idea that has legs. Tender, seasoned legs.

  • Disturbing

  • Rob Fendler

    Rabbit season? Already?

  • Down here there’s a few carnitas (fried / baked pork meat) places that have the pigs bathing themselves in the frying oil, inside the large pan they use to cook them.

    Disturbing to say the least.

  • laughing too hard
    lungs collapsing

  • What is it about this sort of awful misguided signage that I love so much? I guess it does a pretty good job of parodying revered icons of advertising, however accidentally. With a culture that is so visually saturated by billboards and commercials (and they’re so typically crass in proportion to how slick they are) that this stuff is sort of more honest in the most ironic way.

    Yum, when do we eat?

  • Josh Latta

    Is that cluckin’ chicken head suppose to look like it’s dismembered?

  • Pass me a platter of those wabbit wibs!

  • mawnck

    That site’s somewhat spoiled by the hysterical PITA-ness of the author(s). Their point would be much more effective if they’d dial it down about 20 notches on the outrage-o-meter. Sheesh.

  • FP

    It’s Clive Barker’s BUGS BUNNY: HELLRAISER.

  • My college dining hall had served rabbit for decades at the time I started there (1992). About one years in—at a time when I was working for the dining hall myself—they yanked it off the menu for good; we’d just had too many student complaints, most of them referring to cartoon characters. Apparently, we were eating Thumper (most common), Bugs… I even recollect a reference to Oswald.
    Sympathy for cartoon characters, especially in hunting scenarios, may really have a lot to do with which animals North Americans now consider it fair to eat. Duck isn’t as common as it used to be, either! Wak!

  • Chuck R.

    Wow, that site’s a modern anthropologist’s dream. Over-the-top rants from the animal-rights crowd. Crazy graphics running the gamut from Chinese McDonalds to bait-shops in the heartland —even several Preston Blair swipes! The best of the best is in the “sexy” section:
    I never knew it was taboo to buy live bait. Like it matters to the worm if he’s eaten by a fish or a mole.

    BTW, it’s getting easier and easier to tell a “Jerry” posting without reading the brewmaster’s name. For such a lean guy, he’s way preoccupied with food.

  • “Disturbing” is a relative term. More disturbing than having
    to play second fiddle to a mere basketball player? More disturbing
    than being ‘reimagined’ as a black-garbed, futuristic fascist?

  • This reminds me way too much of that Tiny Toons episode that details how they make, I think it was, Weenie Burgers…something to do with killing the cow and having the burger talk at the end “EAT ME KIDS” – something like that

  • Steve Gattuso

    You’re hardly the first to make this discovery, Jerry. Have you never heard of The Gallery of Regrettable Food?

    Mr. Lileks has brought up the problem of cannibalistic cartoon mascots many times.

  • That is a little creepy looking. :(

  • Dave

    “Sympathy for cartoon characters, especially in hunting scenarios, may really have a lot to do with which animals North Americans now consider it fair to eat.”

    David Gerstein , I know what you mean :

    Ever try ordering some venison (aka “Bambi’s Mother”) ?

  • Looks gross!!!:P

  • Cook–where’s my hossenfeffer?

  • As disturbing and sickening as the website is, I can’t help but find the posted picture mildly amusing. . . . in a morbid sort of way. I think the absurdity of it all is what makes the picture amusing.

    Regardless of that, I don’t think I’d want to purchase meats from a place that advertises with an uncooked, live and skinless animal (minus the bugs bunny head). What are some people thinking when they try to advertise their product? Sure this is just a regular butcher shop, but it makes you wonder what actual advertisers are thinking! I wonder…hmm…

    By the way, that J.J. Sedelmaier short is one of my favorites. Obviously, because the horrors are obscured and it’s just outright silly.

    This post also reminds me SO MUCH of “Chokey Chicken” from “Rocko’s Modern Life.”

    In the episode “To Heck and Back” (yes, I’m an avid fan of the show. ha ha), a chicken named Karen goes in for a job interview AT “Chokey Chicken.” Upon being hired, we see in the next scene, a packaged dead chicken on a conveyor belt with the label “Karen” on it. An interesting example of animals who desire to be consumed and/or sold. AMAZING how this stuff comes up in animated cartoons, aye? :)

  • Jo

    Just like the cow from “Restaurant at the End of the Universe”- the one that was genetically bred to possess the desire to be eaten. When Arthur Dent protests that this is disgusting, the cow asks him if it is any less disgusting to consume a cow that does NOT wish to be eaten? Maybe these signmakers are all Douglas Adams fans…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Being reminded of one of the many new things my sis learned from having lived up in the Minnesotan sticks, kill and eat her own rabbit! I feel less a man for not wanting to be a hunter!

  • As someone who’s spent more time dwelling on this subject than most, I think there’s something morbidly amusing about this particular image. How many times did we see a hungry antagonist in a WB cartoon imagine the subject cooked, with garnishes? This blogger doth object too much.

  • This sign wasn’t just made by an atrocious cartoonist – it was made by someone who doesn’t speak Spanish either. Perhaps he wanted to write the Spanish word “fresco” (fresh, in this case) but he ended up writing “fresa” (strawberry) somehow! Either way, it’s a sign so terrible that it made my weekend – I couldn’t stop laughing at it!

  • red pill junkie

    As Dave Silva mentioned earlier, the use of Porky pig to sell fried pork meat (“carnitas”) in Mexican restaurants is very popular.

    I also think that photo was taken in Mexico, not Spain, since “Fresa” is a mexican slang term for snobbish rich adolescents, and they use something else in Spain for that.