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Friday in LA: Raymond Scott tribute at Redcat

What music do you think of when you see Porky and Daffy running through a factory?

There’s only one answer – and that piece (Powerhouse) was composed by Raymond Scott. This Friday at the Redcat theatre (behind the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown L.A.) in celebration of Scott’s musical career, former Oingo Boingo guitarist Steve Bartek and his band (including other Oingo Boingo alums) will perform the composer’s most well known animation-affiliated classics, while composer Ego Plum’s ensemble will re-create Scott’s experimental electronica. In addition, puppeteer Sean Cawelti will stage the first-ever “live interpretations of Scott’s film collaborations with Jim Henson”. Machine-Man: The Musical Mayhem of Raymond Scott starts at 8:30pm on Friday, November 9 at REDCAT, the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater.

Sounds like a great show. In the meantime, here’s a montage of Looney Tunes clips where Carl Stalling or Milt Franklin used Powerhouse on their soundtrack:

  • Mac

    Raymond Scott wrote the soundtrack for my subconscious.Looking back and trying to remember when music became the shiny object that demandsds my attention,I remember Perry Como on my Mom’s radio in between school closing announcements and David Seville’s fun globbledygook- filled Witch Doctor that filled the summer I was six years old. But it was Scott that filled in the blanks and haunted me till I discovered the originals in the ’90s, thanks to Irwin Chusid.Look not only for the originals but recordings by the Beau Hunks,the Dutch recreators of Scott’s early music using modern recording techniques.Great music to blare out of your car at a red light.A note of caution:Powerhouse can be dangerous on the freeways if there is slow moving truck in front of you.
    This live show sounds like a must hear.Scott’s latter electronic music made its way into commercials as well as Henson’s lofty ambitions beyond puppetry.

  • That’s the coolest montage I’ve ever seen!

  • J Lee

    In the Warner studio’s musical history, it was fitting that the last cartoon to use Scott’s music was “The Jet Cage”, the cartoon Milt Franklyn died while scoring, since Scott’s music is so bonded to the work done by Stalling and Franklyn.

  • Glen

    Now if only someone would do a tribute to the musician who MOST influenced the Warner Brothers cartoons–the great Harry Warren!

  • Glowworm

    My favorite usage of “Powerhouse” has always been watching all those chickens go through the conveyor belt in “Swooner Crooner”

  • Jim Roebuck

    I just watched “Swooner Crooner” for the first time only a few weeks ago! :-/. Was that the first Warner Bros. cartoon that used Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse?”