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Guillermo and Jeffrey Like Each Other So Far

Guillermo del Toro and Jeffrey Katzenberg

Last night at the Lakers game, Guillermo del Toro hung out with Jeffrey Katzenberg. I guess this can be taken as a sign that the animated projects Guillermo is developing at DreamWorks are moving along smoothly.

Another pic of them together after the jump.

Guillermo del Toro and Jeffrey Katzenberg

  • Awesome. I love Guillermo del Toro’s work and Dreamworks has been really pushing their quality to new heights lately. Glad to see it’s working out so far.

  • He’s thinking, “Look at all that hair. I hate that guy.”

    • PeteR

      Is jeffrey the only Hollywood executive who brings his personal photographer everywhere he goes?

      He’ll “like” Del Toro until he doesn’t.

  • J.M

    First picture: Guillermo agrees to work with Dreamworks

    Second picture: Jeff just found out about Guillermo’s Disney project “Double Dare You” thru a text sent to him by Steve *

    *(who is at home watching the Laker’s game).

  • pizzaforeveryone

    surprised to see nothing about del Toro and Dreamworks in this week’s new yorker profile.

  • First picture:

    -“Mr. Del Toro, could i take a picture with you?”

    -“Why of course!… can you repeat me your name?”

  • JD

    2nd Picture:

    Guillermo just told Jeffrey and his wife Lorenza “Kung Fu staring contest….GO!”

  • Matt Jones

    They make a lovely couple! P.J. must be sore though . . .

  • I am curious to know what Guillermo has planned with Dreamwork’s animation. It would be something useful and probably entertaining for once from Dreamworks.

  • Steve Hogan

    Is that the musky smell of bromance in the air?

  • Richard

    Let’s hope the Jumbotron didn’t catch the two with the Kiss-Cam.

  • Bruce Wright

    Look at that photo while you listen to this song:

  • 2011 Child

    Is it me, or is it a requirement to see a headline related to Guillermo every day on any animation news site?

    • Donny

      Yes :)

  • John

    Guillermo’s doin’ everything these days. DreamWorks, his new video game trilogy, The Hobbit, and all the other stuff he’s working on.

    • Claudia

      Except The Hobbit, he’s not doing that anymore.

  • T M

    Hobbit is now in Peter Jackson’s court. Del Toro “stepped down”.

    Really looking forward to Mountains of Madness. Is Dreamworks the company that threw money at him for the project?

  • AdrianC.

    Now that J.M. brought it up, I always did wonder what happened to the projects he signed on to do for Disney (“Disney Double Dare You” and “The Haunted Mansion” reboot film). Have they been abandoned (or at least put on the backburner) or is work actually toward done on these things?

    • Claudia

      I don’t know about the Haunted Mansion reboot, but Disney Double Dare You is not longer happening, a real shame, it would have been interesting to see Disney works directed to a more mature audience.

  • second picture reads:

    to left we have the inevitable trousers wrought from the animators life style and right the patronising yet desperately puzzled gaze of the animation ‘executive’

  • dr. truth

    I think I’m the only creative person alive that truly hates sports. I would never be caught dead at a sporting event.

  • MrSib

    Apparently Nick Caves doing the music for Guillermo’s animation so it certainly isn’t going to be a standard Dreamworks movie.