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Happy Valentines Day!

(Thanks Devlin, via Fozzy’s World)

  • debra j. solomon

    Scary- now I know why I like cartoons so much.

  • Her head is too small. Any real person’s head would be too small.

  • 2011 Preteen

    CG and mo-cap, eat your heart out.

  • Mad Hatter

    It’s betty boop! :)

  • The pen & ink Betty wins me with a wink ;)

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Boo-boop bee-doop!

  • Donny

    What a darling <3
    this is probably what Grim Natwick had in mind when he designed her. (Even though she started as a puppy lady)

  • That’s all kinds of awesome!

  • Wow.. that IS Betty Boop

  • Alissa

    So cool!

  • Chuck Howell

    Do we know anything about the origin of this photo? Vintage or more recent pic made to look vintage?

  • top cat james

    We dated a few times, but sadly, I couldn’t take her boop-oop-a-doop away.

  • Joaquin Romero

    Very nice! It would be nice to sketch. Yet its amazing she doesn’t tip over. Does the pose seem off balanced.?
    Most of the weight is on the left leg.

  • That’s so cool! Betty lives!

  • Richie

    She’s off-model.

  • TJR

    Can you give us any background info on this pic?

  • hoot hoot!! my eyes are pooping out and my tongue’s stickin to the floor :)

  • Was my face red

    I wanna be a member.. wanna be a member!

  • Chris Matie

    YOWZA!!!! Is that actually Mae Questel (the original voice of Betty) or is it ZaSu Pitts? I know one of them was the original model for Betty. (=-)

    • mooki

      it’s Mae Questel.

  • Mick Collins


  • John Semper Jr.

    That is DEFINITELY NOT Zasu Pitts. She never looked that good.

  • Face Betty = approved. I love this!!!

  • Looks like Helen Kane, the American singer who became famous with “I wanna be loved by you”. The Fleischers probably based Betty Boop on her. This looks like a photoshop job where they took Helen’s head and placed it on a modern, purpose-made photograph.