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Harveytoons Fall Fashions

Good Lord, no…

Here we go again… trendy New York hip-hop clothing maker Mishka is tying its new fall fashion line to Harvey Comics characters. I’m going to assume this deal was put in place before Dreamworks bought the characters…

From their press release:

“We were elated to pay tribute those characters by using them as the basis for the entire Mishka x Harvey Comics Collection. Here’s the Harvey Comics for Mishka Fall 2012 Lookbook starring none other than Casper The Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich, Spooky, The Ghostly Trio, Hot Stuff The Little Devil, Baby Huey, and Wendy The Good Little Witch. These beloved icons can be seen sporting the very best of our Fall Collection, decked out in everything from Richie’s khaki’s + button-up country club ready outfit, to The Ghostly Trio’s imposing camo uniforms.”

The Ghostly Trio’s “Camo uniforms”? I won’t even begin to dissect the schizo-illogic of invisible characters needing camouflage uniforms… But I’m also going to assume the characters are in better hands now and crap like this won’t be happening again.

(Thanks, Mark Bieraugel)

  • I don’t hate this. It’s better than the treatment the Disney characters got.

  • Dana B

    One word: NOPE.
    I’m sure Dreamworks will treat these characters with more respect……..right?

  • You forgot to include their new “Stumbo the Giant” shirt, which will be available in sizes 83X and up.

  • Brian O.

    How is this bad? At least they are pleasantly on-model (not always a plus but ok here), not heavily airbrushed and not displaying tons of ‘Tude.
    What makes you think Dreamworks won’t whore these characters out, anyway? With their aggressive production schedule it just reminds us it’s always about $$$.

    • D. Strong

      While I agree with most of your comments, I, for one, am quite happy with their “aggressive production schedule.” If you were referring to the 16 animated features in the next 4 years, it may be ambitious, but it also creates jobs for people.

  • Were Harveytoons *ever* popular? I remember watching them when I was kid and I thought they were stupifying even back then, especially when compared to Looney Tunes. The only one that even stuck in my head was a Heckle and Jeckyl (sp) toon about the upcoming wonders of the post-war years (don’t ask me why my UHF station was showing it in the late 70’s).

    • Heckle & Jeckle were Terrytoons; Harveytoons were renamed Famous Studios product. The cartoon you were thinking of is Post-War Inventions (I think that’s the title) and it is a good one.

      • I stand corrected. Thanks!

  • M.V

    The ghostly trio’s camo outfits implies an interesting and tragic backstory.

    • I chuckled far too hard at this comment. Thank you.

  • Lulu

    I am the biggest proponent of fashion coming together with cartoons so I am more than stoked to see this. I don’t get why y’all are so anti-fashion, this is rad and Mishka is rad. Hope to see more of this in the future.

  • jess

    “I’m going to assume this deal was put in place before Dreamworks bought the characters…”

    No, I’m pretty sure a mad man like Jeffrey Katzenberg is responsible for this!

  • I support this 100%. I mean, has there ever been a better spokesperson for yuppie ski and tennis fashion than Richie Rich? Sold.

  • Baron Lego

    Why does Casper and the Ghostly Trio need winter wear? They’re DEAD. The cold of winter can’t be any worse than the cold of the grave…

    And that Harvey jester mascot thing displayed on clothing is practically a fist magnet for bullies.

  • Darryl

    With all due respect, you seem to have an awful lot of faith that Dreamworks is going to give a rat’s ass about the Harveytoons. Can’t say that I do. More accurately, I should say that I’ll believe it when I see evidence of it.

  • Alissa

    I wouldn’t complain too much if I were you guys. At least this fashion line isn’t stretching them out into skeletal abominations.

    • Lulu

      Probably only because this is line is directed at men tbh.

  • luca

    Mishka makes great clothes, some of the best streetwear out now. not a big fan of their shirts but I usually really like their jackets and general winter collection. I don`t understand why this is bad or in any way something worth posting about. also they got big but they started pretty underground, just making stuff that would appeal to counter culture and generally being very playful with it. they are not a faceless corporation trying to make easy profit. this is part of youth culture, if anything, harvey comics should be honored hehe

  • dbenson

    I’m still waiting for the Bazooka Joe backwards hat and blinged-out eyepatch.

  • Randy

    The Ghostly Trio looks more like The Ghastly Trio in that stupid Camo getup.
    Epic fail!

  • Justin Delbert

    I’ve said this on Casper’s Facebook page, I’ll say it here, anyone that uses Baby Huey for anything is on my good side


  • Do the Harvey comics characters have ANY brand recognition for anyone under 40? How many people who aren’t old animation/comics fans would be able to tell you who ANY of these characters are? And wouldn’t people who are old enough to remember them prefer to see them in their “classic” design? I can’t see the logic of this…

    • Snappy

      I’m under 40, 34 I grew up seeing Casper reruns in the 80s. There were also comics and those seemed to be in Doctor offices when I was a kid along with those weird, scary little religious pamphlet comics. Hy elementary classes would always be decorated with homebrew off model representations of Casper, Hot Stuff, and Wendy. My mother made them for mine and I have some still but I see other versions all over. Now kids in the 90s and 00s certainly know Casper from the live action film series and I reckon this is some effort to keep their likeness out there and somewhat maintain their popularity. I love wearing cartoon characters on clothing though I prefer to see them in their actual original way, in the clothes or look like they are suppose to. The new clothes on them is a turn off in these images but I am not opposed to seeing them on clothing.

    • Polecat

      I remember that in the ’90s, Richie Rich was turned into a live-action feature starring Macaulay Culkin. After that, Richie had a new incarnation on a revamped Saturday morning cartoon as a tie-in to the Culkin movie. I saw it when I was a kid and didn’t like the show. So the name was familiar to me but the old-fashioned character design was not.

      But I recognized Casper right away.

  • TimeForTimer

    Horrible. It reminds me of what Turner did with Tom & Jerry when they got their hands on them. Remember them in jazzy sweat suits? Holy crap! Who dreams up and then approves this shit? Turner didn’t do much better with the Hanna-Barbera characters early on either. I remember seeing a t-shirt with Pebbles and Bam Bam dressed like Rastafarians. Holy bong!

  • Has this melding of cartoon characters from yesteryear and corporate ‘fashion’ retailers proved successful at all? If so then why not bang it out? To my eye it looks bloody awful, desperate and like some marketing drone’s, fresh out of clown college, brain fart. But what do I know? The target audience will predictably lap it up and, in equal measure, forget they ever owned it

    All in all, who does this effect? It really won’t appear on the horizon of anyone with taste or over the age of 12.

    • luca

      Mishka is not a corporate fashion retailer and just because it`s not your taste it doesn`t mean it has none.

      • I lumped them in with the larger retailers as this appears like the kind of thing you would find in corporate box standard produce outlets. I apologise to everyone at Mishka for that terrible ill informed snipe. i am sure Mishka does have taste, just hard to see it exhibited here.

        Of course it is all relative, I am sure some people will enjoy these products and why shouldn’t they? It is pretty box standard though wouldn’t you say? Same stuff as everywhere else, same stuff as every other year.

        Don’t worry, I haven’t been right about anything for around two months now so this is probably just another example of my wrong thinking.

        wait a tick…. casper on a t-shirt!??!! HEEEEEEY, I LOVE IT

  • whoiseyevan

    Actually, I think it’s kind of cute.

    It doesn’t bother me at all like the Disney ones. And personally, I think they gave it a little more thought to match fashion with characters personalities. Richie Rich would indeed go skiing. Casper (if he were living) would dress like a little boy. And the Ghostly Trio are tough guys who do spend most of their time hunting/haunting humans.

  • You guys are crazy. I always appreciate it when classic cartoons get featured in fashion like this. Mishka do some nice stuff.


    Everybody relax! As outlandish as it looks, at least it keeps the Harveytoons characters in the public eye. I work in a high school, and practically nobody knows who Herman and Katnip, Spooky, or Little Audrey are. They are vaguely aware of Casper, the Friendly Ghost, and refer to Baby Huey, when they’re describing someone who is overweight/childish. The more publicity the better…right? Dreamworks will do a better job. I hope.

  • “I’m going to assume this deal was put in place before Dreamworks bought the characters…”

    You sure are an optimist, Jerry.

  • Funkybat

    I’m glad to see the characters on-model and generally behaving like themselves, rather than having Casper acting like a bully, or Baby Huey copping a smartass ‘tude. I do have to wonder how these are going to go over with the target demographic. I doubt many people in their teens and 20s are all that familiar with them beyond Casper or Richie.

    The first instance of these classic animation/niche fashion crossovers I can recall was the Disney/The Hundreds line a couple of years ago. That line featured the Lost Boys from Peter Pan, which kind of made sense if you are trying to evoke rebellious youth. The characters were not too obscure, but also not something we’ve seen a million times on a million different products. The King Features fashion line seemed like a more mainstream approach, since most people still know who Popeye, Olive Oyl and Bluto are. The recent Disney “Anorexia” line, well, I’m not even going to get into that.

    The one thing I’ll say about any of these clothing lines is that I have yet to see anyone out in public wearing any of them, with the possible exception of a Lost Boys pullover or ballcap now and then. And I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, not somewhere rural or “off the beaten path.” I would think if any of these lines sold well, they’d be showing up more in major metro areas that have active streetwear scenes.

    It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, goes for these Harveytoons outfits. I like the characters well enough, but I haven’t seen any of them (save Casper and Richie Rich) on TV or film for almost 30 years. I guess some kids these days may have grown up seeing them on schlocky bargain-bin DVDs and VHS tapes, because that’s about the only place I’ve seen the actual cartoons for sale in recent memory.

  • 2XL

    I’d buy a shirt with the Harveytoons jester-in-the-box logo.

    Well, I’d buy one if it didn’t have “MNWKA” or whatever the hell that is above his head.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      For a minute there I thought it was a Russian name!

  • I really wish Paramount wasn’t at risk with theater owners back in the 50’s along with antitrust cases with the goverment. Then every Max Fleischer, Famous Studios, Paramount Cartoon Studios, Bray silents, Paramount Screen Magazine Shorts, and American George Pal Puppetoons would be distrubuted by Paramount Pictures Television (execpt maybe for Superman, unless DC would’ve given them a license).


    Hey ParamountCartoons! I have been thinking about that for years. If ONLY they had held on to their classics, instead of selling them off. I heard about financial problems within the studio, antitrust situations. and the same things you wrote about. Yeah it really is too bad.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Well, it was bound to happen Jerry.

  • Despite their lame-ass poses, the tangents, the overall composition and that camouflage pattern, the grouping of the Ghostly Trio is a nightmare just to look at. But it’s not completely incompetent; the expression on Fatso’s face perfectly captures the “fuck you” attitude of many portly rappers these days.

  • some

    Those designs look kinda silly in those clothes.

    Then again, I really hate those clothes.

  • Amblin, a partner of Dreamworks, was responsible for the 1995 CASPER movie—which, whatever one may think of past Harvey comics mythology, threw it all out and invented its own Casper backstory from scratch. Every Casper cartoon and movie since that time has awkwardly struggled to square the comics mythology and the Amblin mythology.

    Now we’re expecting Dreamworks to stick up for the comics mythology? Frankly, we’re lucky that these “fall fashions” even show the comics versions of the characters.

    • For the record, while Steven Spielberg is a principal of both Ambin and Dreamworks, Amblin is a separate company (it produced the recent Tin Tin movie, and Men In Black 3).

      Classic Media alone was responsible for licensing the Harvey line to Mishka.

      The characters that Classic Media controls have been – with some rare exceptions (and I’m not sure what those are) – treated pretty badly by the company. The library material (my interest) are assets that the company routinely ignores or treats even worse. Dreamworks made a strategic business decision to buy Classic Media to give themselves a library of product with established well-known characters. It is in their best interests to treat these properties well. They have the money and resources to do so in a way Classic Media never could.

      We’ve seen what Classic Media has done. I’m placing my bet that Dreamworks will be a better guardian of this material over time.

      (Of course I’ve been wrong – “Oswald is hot” – before)

    • Polecat

      I remember the ’95 Casper movie. I was a kid and I thought it was a train wreck. The overall tone was just too dark and melancholy for such a lighthearted character!

  • The ghosts with army fatigue jackets! Hahahahahahahaha

  • Al E. Jordan

    I think Paramount, Amblin, and Dreamworks already have enough bankable assets in both their respective and joint canon of family entertainment (the [i]Shrek[/i] and [i]Madagascar[/i] movies and their spinoffs in particular) to keep them too busy to worry about properties they’ve already touched on, albeit property that’s been sold to yet another distributor.
    Interestingly enough, the one Harvey Comics character that’s gotten more mileage in the product placement department more than any of the others is Hot Stuff, who was once usually seen on Valentine’s Day-themed items (and sometimes, even seen in certain items found at “adult toy stores”.)
    I for one don’t mind if they include my favorite Harvey characters, Herman and Katnip, in that line. It would be so fitting, since Herman in particular is well-known as a streetwise character.