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Hello Kitty Assault Rifle

This came to my attention just in time to celebrate the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: a Hello Kitty Assault Rifle. This prototype firearm, first posted on the Rifle Gear blog back in 2007, is apparently not for sale but does indeed work. I suspect this product was not authorized by Sanrio.

(Thanks, Jeffrey McAndrew)

  • Goodbye Kitty should be the name of the gun!

  • If I was the type that enjoyed killing people, I would acquire this gun in a heartbeat!

  • Scarabim

    Yep, that is one gay gun!

  • Why am I thinking about Sarah Palin?

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I see this as a comment on the firearms industry looking to market to the female demographic.

  • Writer of Wrongs

    Say hello to my little kitty.

  • Jackson

    “Why am I thinking about Sarah Palin?”

    Because her pocket rocket doesn’t do the trick.

  • optimist

    Anyone can put anything on a firearm.

  • Luke

    The magazine with flowers is a nice touch. I hope to see this in a future COD game with this.

  • I hear it’s excellent for shooting bad 3D incarnations of Hanna-Barbera characters.

  • top cat james

    Oh you Pretty Kitty Bang Bang
    Pretty Kitty Bang Bang
    We love you.
    And with
    Pretty Kitty Bang Bang
    Pretty Kitty Bang Bang
    what we’ll do.

  • top cat james

    “I’ll give you my gun when you take it from my cold dead paws!”

  • Toonio

    I’ll go trigger happy on the enemy with one of these.

  • hmmm

    “This came to my attention just in time to celebrate the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: a Hello Kitty Assault Rifle. ”
    You saying pink kitty rifles can’t be enjoyed by straight men?

  • This is perfect for Noodle

  • Jeffers

    Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

  • Jeff

    Thai police are forced to use a Hello Kitty pistol and armband as punishment for breaking certain rules.

    Other weird Hello Kitty products.

  • Alissa

    This. Is. Awesome.

    Now I want a Barbie one, and a Smurf one and…

  • Tory

    I really really want one, it would match that other popular Hello Kitty accessory…

    I can’t wait for the Betty Boop variation

  • We do live in an era of euphemism; make a rifle pink and put a child’s toy image on it and the blood and guts you spill won’t hurt the victim as much. Har Har Har; puke.
    It’s part of our very dark culture these days. Gangsta Rap is another example of gangsters, thugs, brutes, and killers disguising themselves as musicians, though the so-called “rap music” they create is the bottom of the barrel; non-music. It is filled with rage, stupidity, envy,arrogance,and is spiritually, as well as musically, bankrupt. Don’t agree? Go back and listen to the following true artists and compare: Marvin Gay,Stevie Wonder, Temptations, Sly and the Family Stone, Aretha.

    • Haha…. Holy crap. This is like a parody of all internet comments. I love the quotes around “rap”.

  • Given some of the licensed Hello Kitty products out there, a happy bright pink assault rifle isn’t *entirely* beyond the realm of possibility.

  • ElliotT

    Does this gun make my @$$ look big?

  • Steve Menke

    That’s actually Hello Kitty’s evil twin, “Hello Snitty.”

  • Steve Gattuso

    This is HK’s answer to “I have no mouth, and I must scream.” o_O

  • When I saw the rifle I was thinking it was an artistic statement about child soldiers, some of whom are girls. I wasn’t thinking gay soldiers at all, most gay men I know aren’t particularly crazy for pink hello kitty stuff.