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Hong Kong Has a Charlie Brown Cafe

Charlie Brown Cafe

Signs of an advanced society: a restaurant devoted to a classic comic strip. This is the Charlie Brown Cafe in Hong Kong. More photos posted on this blog.

(via @magicjordanchan)

  • eeteed

    what, no dolly madison cakes and pies?

  • Toonio

    Asia and middle east are becoming the ultimate tourist destinations.

    I`m not jumping into a plane to Hong King cause I ran out of vacation days.

    • James Ciambor

      Toonio, maybe not the ideal place to live, but its destinations are to die for. Honestly there not just about adhering to tradition, their culinary industry boasts influences all the way to America’s personal favorite comic strip star.

      Love how much effort they invest into their food, to show how much of an affinity they have for our culture. Restaurants should try to be more conceptual and less about emulating a successful franchise. I’m obviously sick of seeing rehashes of McDonalds.

  • This is sooooo cool. I would hang out here all the time.

  • I want to go to there.

  • Artist-Fartist

    Oh, how cute! I wish I could hang with some friends there every day! Plus, that Charlie Brown cappuccino’s lookin’ rather delish. ;P

  • Michael

    I was in Beijing last year, and they have a Charlie Brown cafe as well up in the Haidian district, near the universities.

  • eeteed

    you know, there’s no need to fly all the way to hong kong and pay outrageous prices to have a fun and delicious dining experience with the peanuts gang…

  • top cat james

    For Thanksgiving, they offer pretzels, popcorn, jelly beans, and toast-served family style on a ping-pong table.

  • Joe G

    I wonder how “Pig-pen pastry” would look like?Any takers?

  • ferp

    Naturally this makes me rage with jealousy.

  • Michael F.

    And I thought that gallery with the modernist Peanuts paintings at the Mandalay Bay shops in Las Vegas was cool. This really takes the cake! (which I am certain is shaped like Pigpen)

  • Mike Russo

    I just want to know why ALL 3D representations of Snoopy has eyes designed in a way that make him look like he’s got them closed.

  • Who agrees with me that this needs to come to the states?

  • Jesse Pindus

    Sounds interesting, but I’m surprised they could get away with such copyright infringement

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I think it’s authorized (going by the website that does give copyright though to UFS [United Features Syndicate] rather than Peanuts Worldwide LLC).

  • Metallicfire

    I was just in Japan (I know it’s not China) and the biggest western characters seemed to be Mickey, Pooh, Stitch (of Lelo and), and Charlie Brown.

    And Stitch was EVERYWHERE!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Certainly characters just click for them. It’s often due to the way these characters became familiar with them and how they are marketed often.

    • Stitch has pretty much taken over disneyworld the last time I went there

  • Bob

    What?! Where are Violet’s mud pies?!

  • They should build one of these near the Snoopy Park in Sha Tin in Hong Kong –

  • I used to go to Camp Snoopy a lot when it was still around, and I never saw any place that served cappuccinos with Charlie Brown’s head floating in it. It’s kind of off-putting, imo.