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How To Draw Funny Pictures


Bill Stewart of Frantic Films posted a precious family heirloom on flickr: Treasure Chest’s Hobby Craft – Points on Cartooning and How To Draw Funny Pictures by George Carlson (Jingle Jangle Comics).

(Thanks, Bill Stewart)

  • ramon

    hi, This book is very cool, I am brasilian and I study to be a designer/animator… thanks for this reference!

  • That’s an awesome publication!
    It’s always great to see various cartooning styles and methods from different time periods.
    It really payed off for Bill, he’s a great animator!

  • Noah

    Dover Publications reprinted Carlson’s ‘Learn How To Draw Comics’ in 2002 with some of this material. My favorite part? The difference between Noah and Methuselah is a sailor’s cap!

  • Very cool stuff. Love the design style and it’s still relevant today. The cover art rocks.

  • Stephen Z.

    Most cartoon depictions of the world used to be grinning and happy-go-lucky, until about August of 1939.

  • Inkan1969

    It’s true what they say. Laugh and the world laughs with you. :-)