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“I Know That Voice” trailer

Filmmakers John DiMaggio, Tommy Reid and Lawrence Shapiro are putting finishing touches of their documentary feature I Know That Voice, a valentine to the Hollywood voice acting community. The film features interviews with Matt Groening, Hank Azaria and Nancy Cartwright (of The Simpsons), Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob Sqaurepants), Billy West (Ren & Stimpy, Futurama), Stephen Root (King of the Hill), June Foray (Rocky, Witch Hazel), Tara Strong (My Little Ponies, PowerPuff Girls), Seth Green (Family Guy), Laraine Newman (Finding Nemo), voice director Andrea Romano, Mark Hamill (The Joker), EG Dailey (Rugrats) – and many others. It’s being prepped for theatrical release in 2013 – here’s the trailer:


    Will this film be in theaters or go straight to DVD ????

  • Justin

    If it comes out in theaters, I gonna see it! If it comes out on DVD, I’ll definitely get it!

  • They’d better change that second spelling of “Kenny.” (:35)

  • What!? No Corey Burton?

    • Crystal

      Corey Burton IS in this documentary.

      On that note, Amid posted the second trailer (this is the first) a few months ago, so I find it interesting Jerry’s sharing this now. The second one was made after they added a bunch of people. I wonder why CB’s posting the first one now.

  • Polecat

    I do know a lot of those voices! And I’d love to see what’s going on with E.G. Daily now–I remember her not only from Rugrats, but from her live-action days in movies like “Valley Girl”. Looks like it’s worth checking out!

  • John

    There’s also supposed to be an unreleased interview with Mel Blanc that was recorded years ago that will also be included in the film.

  • Zach B.

    don’t forget ERIC BAUZA! :]

  • Aaron B.

    Looks pretty cool. I’m sure they could do sequels to documentaries like this… because the voice-over community has so many levels and so many different contributors. It really is a vast and impressive field of work.

    How about devoting an entire documentary to videogames, instead of just snipping clips? Or another documentary to anime voice acting specifically? Fund it! There’s so much out there, honestly…

  • Jed Martinez

    I wanna see it… I wanna hear it… I wanna experience “I Know That Voice”!

  • Luis

    No Frank Welker???? Or did I miss it?

  • swac

    God bless June Foray. She’s the best. It’s too bad only Mel got the credit for the voice work in the classic WB cartoons though, it took me years to figure out who Arthur Q Bryan, June, Bea Benaderet and many others were. The other day I saw a Three Bears cartoon that I swear had a Mel Blanc credit, but all the voices belonged to Billy Bletcher, Bea and Stan Freberg.