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I Yam Mulan

Amid Amidi

Spotted outside of an Asian grocery store in Queens, a cardboard box from a yam producer that uses an unauthorized rendition of Mulan as its logo. Here’s the original Disney coloring book page that they used for the swipe.

  • Bob

    It’s not an exact copy.
    They’re doing things, whoooo!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    And the legend goes on… ^_^

  • Uli Meyer

    I like the swipe better than the coloring book original.

  • In YamCo’s version she’s got no hands, different hair tie, different hair strands, no earring, shorter neck, no parasol, and younger eyes. These women wouldn’t even be mistaken for sisters in Japan, or even distant cousins. YamCo just needs to push for an all-Asian jury.

  • They face is equal and that count for a lot…

  • Mike Johnson

    Perhaps they should have gone with Popeye: I Yam what I Yam…”

  • I like the Yam drawing more than the disney coloring book.

  • Katella Gate

    Well, at least she’s *on model*