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Incredibles Chair

A tribute site dedicated to the chairs in The Incredibles. There are worse things one could do with their time…like writing a blogpost about a guy who created a tribute site to the chairs in The Incredibles.

(via swissmiss)

  • Enoch Allen

    There are even worse things than writing a blogpost about a guy who created a tribute site to the chairs in The Incredibles, like commenting on the subject of a guy who dedicated irretrievable time creating a site about CG furniture in an animated film–

    Oh wait. . .

  • Saturnome

    Chairs are awesome; I’m using one right now.

  • Fred Sparrman

    Then there’s COMMENTING on a blogpost about a guy who created a tribute site to the chairs in The Incredibles…

  • droosan

    .. and here I thought THE INCREDIBLES was merely a collection of buttons and doors ..

  • I’m an industrial designer, so I’m guilty of chair fetishism as well ;-)

    And yes, I loved the furniture design in The Incredibles.

  • Charlie

    You have to admit though, those are some nice ass chairs.

  • Yes I agree that the production design of “The Incredibles” is spectacular, but what is this guy blogging about?…



  • matt

    Nah Droosan, the buttons and doors one was Monsters Inc. ;)

  • Izzy
  • Katella Gate

    It is a testament that “The Incredibles” was done with such artistic density that inconsequential elements like furniture can be profitably studied not only for layout, staging, and mood-setting principles, but simply as domestic furniture. I wish my office looked half as sharp.

    A modest webpage devoted to the chairs of “The Incredibles” is both a just appreciation of art and a service to those who also would aim high.

  • I wonder who the typical guests are that sit at Edna Mode’s four bar stools and do they mind that she puts her feet on the counter top?

    A fun extension of that site would be a link with each pic showing the real-world inspiration of each chair.

  • I love my chair. I love it so much I want to marry it. Hello chair….will you marry me? YES! you WILL!! yaaaaah…. Oh wait! Lets call our parents and tell them the awesome news! Hello….Mom….Dad ? Hi … i just wanting to let you know that i’m getting married! yes! YES!! who ? Why my chair of course. yes! I said my chair. You know, the one in my studio. The red one. With adjustable side arm rests.
    …………………………….. ………………. …………….. ………………. …………. Hoooowww darrrrrreeeee YOU!!!! You’re just jealous because we have true love! WHY is everything I DO NOT good ENOUGH FOR YOU ?!!!!GOODBYE ! ! ! { leave room sobbing } { chair follows }

  • vzk

    Mr. Incredible should team up with The Tick.

    If you saw the cartoon series you’ll know what I mean.