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Jewel-encrusted Tweety Bling

I saw this advertised in a Sunday newspaper magazine supplement last week. My nomination for Worst Commercial Tweety Bird Product – Ever!
From The Danbury Mint.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Sweet mother of Ghandi, that’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen in months. Tweety looks like s/he got rolled in rock salt. Not even pimps could wear that without getting laughed at.

  • Paul N

    I’ll second that nomination Jerry.

  • I love the caption… “Your favorite cartoon chick”?

  • Mike Russo

    “Who the hell is Tweety?” – average Joe reading the Sunday paper.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Okay this is really bad but if you buy that for a woman there’s a good chance you may get some “Putty-Tat”. ; )

  • It’s an interesting thing people really really identify with tweety bird for some reason, or at least they did 2 years ago when I saw the character on many t-shirts, baseball caps and keychains. When one of my coworkers found out I drew pictures on the side the first thing they asked was if I could draw “tweety bird”.

  • OM

    …Gah. And I thought that $10,000 jewel-encrusted Astro Boy was gaudy! This one insults Tweety worse than actually letting Sylvester eat the little bastard :-P :-P

  • Dock Miles

    I tot I taw a marketing abomination! I did! I did see a marketing abomination!

  • Perhaps I’m a stupid female. . . . . . but I actually like it. . . . .

    Granted, it’s a bit gaudy and Tweety isn’t the best choice for a decorative and expensive piece of jewelry. . . . but I think we can hold back our cartoonist’s rage just this once because it’s only made for the general public. It is kind of cute. I wouldn’t ever buy it, but I can see why others would wanna purchase it.

    The way I see it; it’s better than cartoon characters being plastered on boxes of mac and cheese, popsicles, waffles and assortments of other food products. Most of the time, those cartoons aren’t actually associated in any way with THAT product. The cartoons are just posted on the box to sell the unrelated product because kids will kick and scream for just about anything with cartoons on it.

    And of course. . . I gotta agree with Hannah’s comment. “Cartoon chick?”
    1. Since when did canary become chick? 2. well..nothing else needs to be said. The wording is just hysterically bad.

  • Charlie

    Money can always buy classiness.

  • Now we know the masterplan to why Bob Clampett created Tweety 66 years ago–what foresight!!!

  • Brannigan’s Law

    Finally! Something for the vacuous and eccentric grandmother of beverly hills/female rapper in me. I was just wondering what to burn all my extra economy-crisis money on too. Think I’ll get two and then to celebrate go out and produce Chimps in Space II: European Vacation.

  • Gillian

    Oh Swarovski. What the hell.

    Are those women who have Tweety tattoos with “SEXY BIRD” or similar beneath the picture that large of a demographic?

    Tinkerbell is the other animated character aimed at other women who aren’t normally interested in animation. This trinket might be a little less gaudy if it was her. (A little.)

    Also, unlike Tinkerbell, Tweety’s not girl.



  • I like it! I think it’s luxurious and cute at the same time…..

    Call me shallow, but this blink goes well with tweety

  • i like it.Do you suppose i’m gay?

  • Katella Gate

    Ick. That’s all that needs to be said.

  • That’s nothing. I saw June Foray wearing a big, crystal coated, bling-tastical Rocky the Flying Squirrel necklace at the Ollie Johnston Memorial. Granted, she can totally pull it off (for obvious reasons), but was I ever surprised. And delighted.

    What else do the ladies of animation have to look forward too in our old age if we can’t wear wonderfully, awesomely tacky, cartoon costume jewelry?

  • Not to mention, I’m pretty sure Leonard Maltin has an entire collection of rhinestone cartoon head brooches. He’s always wearing one when he does DVD extras.

    It’s just a pendant of Tweety, it isn’t like he’s wearing some stupid out-of-character outfit on some tween-marketed sweatshirt or presented in that godawful Loonatics style.

    The rest of the Danbury Mint doesn’t look too bad – the Peanuts figurines are damn cute, I don’t care what anyone says.
    Go over to the Bradford Exchange if you want REALLY tacky cartoon ‘collectibles’.

  • Anna

    thats like a box of wine classy!

  • Well, I would probably have gotten one for my mom, who loved Tweety, were she alive today.

  • *Barf!*

  • Brannigan’s Law

    if they made the naked Tweety version from “Gruesome Twosome” and “A Tale of Two Kitties” with that smart ass face Clampett gives him… maybe

  • It looks like Tweety’s been sprayed with asbestos.

    Well, at least he isn’t wearing the backwards baseball cap givin’ us ‘tude. But that might add the final touch.

  • jashawnda

    That is the most beautiful thing ever