John K. and Gary Panter Collaborate with Marvel

John Kricfalusi and Gary Panter speak about their collaboration with clothing line Stussy to create Marvel comic-related merchandise.

(Thanks, Jason Groh)

  • Toonio

    I follow John K’s blogs and he hasn’t mentioned anything about this. Good for him though.

  • Keegan

    “I’d rather be consistently entertaining… than be consistently boring.”

    Greatest quote of all time.

  • Mark Mayerson

    I’m glad to see that Jack Kirby was acknowledged.

  • DamianoD

    I sooooo want the John K. shirt!

  • Taco Wiz

    John K.?


  • Robert Schaad

    Nice if this extended into each doing a Marvel comic…

  • TJR

    Notice John Said: “I’d rather be consistently entertaining….like Marvel Comics were”

  • Gene

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  • Steven M.

    I am very excited about this.

  • akira

    dear Disney studios,
    i want you to greenlight a John K Inhumans animated series PLEASE!!!!

  • Peteykins

    Hmm… no love for Gary Panter? I hope they paid him a LOT.

  • burkiss

    Man, what happened to John K? We all thought he was going to rule the world and now he’s doing t-shirt designs and STILL riffing on extreme Bob Clampett. I hope somebody commissions him to do something substantial but maybe he’s already blown that chance.
    A shame, ‘cos I love his work.

  • John

    I love John K’s style, the world needs more of him!