June Foray and Johnny Carson June Foray and Johnny Carson
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June Foray and Johnny Carson

Everyone has to start somewhere. Johnny Carson started in 1951 with a painfully unfunny sketch comedy show called Carson’s Cellar. That, in itself, is hardly Brew-worthy, but this episode posted on Archive.org will delight cartoon fans. The woman who appears at the 4:30 mark is none other than the legendary June Foray, who just celebrated her 95th birthday.

(Thanks, @SquidyUK)

  • the Gee

    This is a great find. The fact that it features early Carson is a big bonus.

    That June Foray though…whew…she’s got a list of accomplishments, I tell ya.

    Again, Great Find!

  • June Foray was used as the model for the “beautiful” version of Witch Hazel in Broomstick Bunny, you can really see the resemblance here.