Katzenberg on <em>Colbert Report</em> Katzenberg on <em>Colbert Report</em>
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Katzenberg on Colbert Report

Jeffrey Katzenberg appeared on The Colbert Report yesterday in a valiant attempt to show that he has a sense of humor. Make note how Katzenberg backtracks on his recent comment about Clash of the Titans after he told Variety, “You cannot do anything that is of a lower grade and a lower quality than what has just been done on Clash of the Titans. It literally is ‘OK, congratulations! You just snookered the movie audience.'”

Had Katzenberg been more open and less concerned about saying “the right thing” he would have made a much stronger impression. This deliciously awkward and revealing exchange sums up his appearance best:

Colbert: What’s better: a great 2D movie or the worst 3D movie?
Katzenberg: [no answer]
Colbert: Because I go for the technology. Because I go for production values. Can you give them terrible stuff but make it 3D?
Katzenberg: Yes.
Colbert: But you would never do that.
Katzenberg: No.
Colbert: Because you’re the maker of Monsters vs. Aliens.
Katzenberg: Yes.

(Thanks, Zach Smith)

  • Steve Colbert just keeps proving himself my hero.

    Stewart/Colbert ’12.

  • Mark

    There was lots of griping about the Titan movie being a post-3D process. While it was a horrible movie, it was only as bad as Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, which was done precisely the same way (post-3D). The 3D was just as bad.

    I’m not a big fan of 3D to begin with, but I refuse to pay MORE for “fake” 3D.

  • optimist

    You do know that Colbert was IN Monsters Vs. Aliens, right?

  • Larry

    So what if Sparky comes off stiff on television. He still walks away with more money than God.

  • The 3D in “Alice” wasn’t “bad”. It worked well about 95% of the time.
    But I saw a trailer for “Piranha 3D” (another 3D post endeavor) that was genuinely bad. Parts of it looked like an image had been projected onto folded paper. If Piranha doesn’t kill off 3D then 3D may be here to stay.

  • It seems that I am the only one person that enjoyed Alice’s 3D, in fact it was one of the few things I liked about the movie. Yeeeeeeeeah, maybe it was a little blurry in the most busy sequences but I really did like the visuals and the 3D, except when Depp was in screen with his horrible aspect.

    The “Monsters Vs Aliens” line is not in the same tone Amid interprets it, since Colbert actually worked in the movie…but Katzenberg answering “Yes” to the first question is sort of worrying.

  • David Mackenzie

    I hate online video. International FAIL:


  • startstop

    You know that in the Colbert Report, he always tries to play with the guests’ heads just to get a laugh out of the audience? It’s more of a comedy show than a news show, and therefore, their answers should not be taken literally.

    But your point still stands. Katzenburg really needs to focus on what he says.

  • Mark

    The Alice 3D was horrible, but not as bad as the film itself.

  • I saw Clash of the Titans with a friend in 2D, and we didn’t think it was so terrible. However my friends who saw it in 3D absolutely hated it. I’ve read a lot or criticism about the terrible, blurry, jumpy 3D transfer- does anyone else have an opinion of this film in 3D vs. 2D?

  • I hate 3-d. Hate it. I shouldn’t have to pay extra for a movie that makes my head hurt or wear 3-d glasses that barely fit over the prescription glasses I already have on. They never consider that do they? People who wear glasses constantly have to adjust them or push them up. Its annoying it takes you out of the movie and makes your eyes bleed. Whenever possible I always see a movie without 3-d.

    Katzenburg is an ass who know what makes him money. In his tenure it seems only a few good movies have managed to slip by, and now he goes on the Colbert report with all the charm of a snake-oil salesman to tell us moviegoers what innovation we are going to enjoy.

    I especially love the part where he pulls a weak smarmy demonstration how the new 3-d glasses look different then the old ones. I actually looked at my tv and went so? I wish this whole expensive gimmick would just end. If more time went into writing decent screenplays and less into throwing cheesy effects at the audience maybe we wouldn’t have movies like Stretch Armstrong to look forward too.

  • Rebecca Forth

    I love Stephen Colbert! The Monsters vs. Aliens jab was a nice touch! I thought it was interesting how Katzenburg discusses stereoscopic 3D, and doesn’t really touch on how important a story is compared to said technology. I wonder if Jeff has seen Waking Sleeping Beauty? It makes such a valid point as to why story will always prevail over the latest fad!

  • NC

    I interpreted Katzenberg’s answer to the “Can you give them terrible stuff but make it 3-d?” To be more of a “Yes… but that still doesn’t make it any better.” Kind of answer.

  • Julian Carter

    This is the first time I’m seeing (or hearing of) Colbert, and Jeffrey just seems like a fish out of water during the conversation. Colbert was funny, though.

  • Marc Baker

    Don’t forget, this is the man who cut out scenes from ‘The Black Cauldron’ before it’s release so that it would be more ‘marketable’. It’s pretty clear that Katzenberg is all about flashy effects, and cares little about good storytelling.

  • Dave-O

    @ Marc Baker, I’m sorry but I can’t take anyone seriously that uses “The Black Cauldron” to make a point about good storytelling.

  • Katzenberg didn’t make Monsters Vs. Aliens. Did he direct it? No. So, he didn’t make it.

  • David Mackenzie

    I also hate 3D for the reasons stated: paying more, having to watch the film darkened through dirty glasses, having to keep pushing the glasses back into position, having to wear glasses at all…

    The best I hope for with a 3D film is that it won’t annoy me too much – forget it adding to the experience, because it doesn’t. If the 3D effect works at all, it’s in a cardboard-cutout type way.

  • I can’t see the video in my location. I really want to see the video. Sigh.

    ‘having to wear glasses at all’ haha, that’s still a comfortable situation, isn’t it- I have to wear normal glasses anyway, and it’s such a fun to wear two pairs simultaneously to be able to see anything on the screen.
    My favourite part is when I notice that one pair of glasses is stained, and because it’s dark in the cinema, I can’t really figure out which one.

    Brandon- he didn’t make Monsters vs Aliens, no, but as far as I know he actually can make people make those films the certain way, and, well, he does make people who make those films make them the way he would make them, or the way he thinks these films should be made. If you know what I mean.

  • I get that this is cartoonbrew and all but really folks I don’t see the need to rip on Katzenberg and 3D. The man is one of the biggest supporters of animation out there. Just think of all the artist he employs! If your going to rip on anyone rip on all the investors who keep pulling out of indi-animation studios after the first project. Getting an independent off the ground is near impossible these days. And for all the boo hooing about him going to 3D I seem to recall that he played a pretty big hand in bringing 2D up to the majors a few years back. I get it, I have different tastes than him but lets wish him well and hopes this just opens up the doors for a lot more jobs. With 3D TV ready to make its invasion into peoples homes folks are going to be desperate for content and that puts animation front and center. The medium is young and as the tech gets cheeper and easier to use there is going to be some really great independent projects headed your way. 2D has a good hundred years under its belt and for all the great films there is also a ton, and I mean a TON of garbage. 3D will get better just give some time. until then, like you I will be watching my Ub Iwerks reruns. -Peace out

  • Rezz

    “Katzenberg didn’t make Monsters Vs. Aliens. Did he direct it? No. So, he didn’t make it.”

    Since he’s god at dreamworks , every film goes through his hands and he has final say of “cut it ” or “add this”.

    Jeffery is always changing the movie……rarely for the best.

  • He isn’t very smart. He “makes” some decent films, but he does know that colour was used in major motion pictures before sound was used on a wide scale, right? :P

  • I can’t wait for the reamake of Shrek in Smell-o-Vision.