“Legendary Animator: Glanard Frugner” by The Birthday Boys

Lest we forget: a tribute to a pioneer.

(Thanks, Matt Enlow and The Birthday Boys)

  • Bud

    It tries so hard to be funny.

    • Dave

      Tries SO painfully hard …

      I’m surprised they didn’t work in a “hilarious” joke about Glanard Frugner being cryogenically frozen. Oh, boy that’s a knee slapper , ain’t it Johnny ?

  • Gerard de Souza

    I learn so much from cartoonbrew!

  • http://www.segaltoons.com Steve Segal

    But where is the tribute to Terwilliger Ryan, creator of the unforgettable Elmo Aardvark?

  • Randy Koger

    That was amazingly, painfully strained and unfunny.
    I get the point, but the filmmakers did not have the panache and/or style sense to pull it off.
    Just doesn’t work.

  • tedzey

    Wow… what a load of crumudgeons! I found it funny!

  • http://www.creativejunkfood.com Nabeeh Bilal

    “the killer murderer”? you’re telling me that’s not a funny line? c’mon, it’s a good bit, I like it.

  • J. Alfred