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Lego Animation Desk

Lego animation desk built by animator Colin Giles. Who wants to build the multiplane?

  • Ben

    It’d be cool to see a brickmation with this.

  • Choo Choo

    That is awesome. Now I miss all my legos :(

  • ZekeySpaceyLizard

    Legos are so complex and full of depth these days, one could probably actually build a multiplane camera out of them.

    An animation desk that functions could be built as well but instead of pencil shavings and erasers all over the floor, you’d be stepping on lego bricks. FAR less pleasant.

  • Gavin Mouldey

    Damn, that’s it, right after my baby is in bed tonight i’m cracking open the old lego suitcase and making my own lego studio.

  • Sean P

    It’s missing the Lego animator crawled up in a ball under the desk.