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Lifestyles of Animation Executives: Jeffrey Katzenberg

Jeffrey Katzenberg makes his second appearance in our Lifestyles of Animation Executives column. Unlike his Beverly Hills mansion that he built on a $35 million plot of land, this relatively modest ski-in, ski-out lodge in Deer Valley, Utah cost a mere $10 million to build. The 14,000-square-foot space includes six bedrooms, gym, stone fireplace, ski-prep room with boot warmers built into the walls, an indoor pool and hot tub, a wood sauna and a billiard room. It also includes a 75-inch 3-D-enabled Samsung television that Katzenberg flew in from Korea.

The home was built twenty years ago but has been continually updated. Its interior floor plan was designed by architect Charles Gwathmey in consultation with architect Rick Otto. “[My wife] Marilyn wanted to create a place where we could be a family and not have social obligations infringe on that time,” Katzenberg explained to the Wall Street Journal. “We designed the house to be the perfect family trap. When we vacation at the house, we literally eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together.”

Guests at the home have included Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Michael Jackson, reality-TV producer Mark Burnett, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. The Wall Street Journal offers more photos and a video tour of the property, which you may as well watch since it’s unlikely that Jeffrey will be extending invites to Cartoon Brew readers anytime soon. But seriously, Mr. K, if you’re ever lonely and need a ski buddy, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ll even eat dinner with you, though breakfast and lunch seems a tad excessive.

(Photos by Chad Hurst of the Wall Street Journal)

  • Jay Sabicer

    Given your disdain for Mr. K, I doubt you could stomach anything he would feed you at his retreat, or anywhere else, for that matter.

    • Let me totally clear: I have no disdain for Jeffrey as a person and never have. In fact, he seems like a nice guy. His studio treats people better than most places and he deserves credit for creating a positive work environment. I’m just not particularly entertained by the films his studio produces, and feel that his movies don’t take full advantage of the medium’s possibilities.

      • Jens

        So what is the point of this post and in fact the whole series then?

        What does people knowing how animation executives live possibly contribute to the world of animation?

        Welcome to the tabloids.

      • Dan D

        Jens, don’t you know by now that CartoonBrew is the TMZ of animation?

  • Pedro Nakama

    I’m still restoring my $700,000 fixer-upper in Pacomia I bought in 2005.

  • Schultz!!!!!

    Where’s the model railroad running around the property?

  • It’s good to be da king.

  • Toonio

    With the secluded layout (yet an spectacular view)and nice looking but not pompous interior it seems he is very down to earth and not a “forget everything and admire all I am” kind of millionaire.

    Good for him!

  • Jorge Garrido

    This kind of wealth is gross.

    • Jealousy is grosser.

      • Jorge Garrido

        Dismissal of someone’s opinion as “jealousy” is the grossest.

        Also, the internet favourite method of dismissive namecalling: “haters gonna hate.”

      • wever

        Yup. Someone disagreeing with someone else isn’t always due to jealousy. An unfit way to react. That puts the person making the complaint at a disadvantage since he/she wouldn’t think elaborating on the reasoning would be worth it.

      • Stephen M. Levinson

        @Jorge What was the reason you said his wealth is gross? Was gross sarcastic for awesome?

        “Hatred originating from irreputable gentleman Is going to continually persist.”

  • Oliver

    The taste of the man who thought ‘Pocahontas’ was better than ‘The Lion King’.

  • As a professional interior designer, I honestly find this over-sized log cabin to be completely tacky.

    I’ve seen modest weekend cabins from the Australian outback or Japan which are far more interesting and pleasant.

  • Keegan

    And yet the animators probably live in one bedroom apartments or something.