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Q. What do you get when you combine a drive-through safari park with wild animals, performers from Africa, and Warner Bros. cartoon characters?

A. Jungle Habitat, a Warner Bros.-owned theme park in West Milford, New Jersey that operated between 1972 and 1976.

The oddball concept generated many stories, rumors and legends, some of which were untrue. One story that was true was that if a lion shredded your tires, management would repair them and present you with a framed affidavit that you could share with friends. A fun and informative piece about the park from 1972 can be read here.

(Thanks, Celia Bullwinkel)

  • robiscus

    I went here when I was a little kid. My family got out of our car and started walking down a path, and it was at this moment that I caught a glimpse of the big Bugs Bunny guy walking around, but it started pouring rain. So my parents decided to pack it in and go back to the car and I remember crying(hysterically) the whole way back.

    Until today I actually thought it was part of Six Flags Great Adventure that we went to that day. Thanks for posting this.

  • jordan reichek

    did not know about this. i’m into theme parks. thank you. it is more than somewhat awesome. (p.s. i would’ve picked different background muzak for the video)

  • jordan reichek

    …..on second thought, the BG muzak is quite satisfactory.

  • ED

    Used to go there all the time. Great memories.

  • I miss places like this. Too weird to last I guess.

  • Bill Turner

    I kind of liked the background music. More suitable to early 60’s then 70’s, but it gets the idea across.

  • jordan reichek

    i think Elmer Fudd woudda made THE best mascot and walk-around character for Jungle Junction though. Warner’s and the Jungle Junction management kinda wimped out on that one.

  • Great memories. I still have a button from Jungle Habitat with a picture of me and Speedy Gonzales.

  • Are they trying to protest for UA’s “Censored 11” to be back on TV?

  • Steve Menke

    The “drive-through safari park” component may have been borrowed from West Palm Beach’s Lion Country Safari, opened in the late 60s and still in business (despite the creep of suburbia). Whenever I went, their lions were always in “Yeah, whatever” mode, more prone to lounge under trees instead of pouncing on cars.

  • Pedro Nakama

    We had this on the West Coast called Lion Country Safari. Remember Frazier the Lion? He was a stud.

  • Inkan1969

    Wow, what a find. I lived in Long Island in the ’70’s. I remember seeing the commercials for “Warner Brothers’ Jungle Habitat” a zillion times. I think those commercials might’ve been the first time in my life I heard the phrases “Warner Brothers” and “Looney Tunes” spoken out loud.