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Looney Tunes Stoners – III

Yesterday, as a Christmas gift to its listeners, New York area radio station WFMU posted on its Beware of the Blog a series of rare 1982 Mel Blanc anti-drug public service announcements. In them, Blanc speaks as himself and five of his most famous Warner Bros. cartoon characters. The PSAs were found by collector Drew Dobbs (aka “Mindwrecker”) who says, “Thrill to Porky at a smoky, scary drug party and being offered animal tranquilizers, Yosemite searching for tough guys not softened up by hard drugs to duel with, and so much more.” They’re a hoot! Listen for yourself:

Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Foghorn Leghorn
Porky Pig
Yosemite Sam
Mel Blanc himself

(Thanks, Devlin)

  • Shaw

    That Bugs Bunny gone stoner pic. is friggin’ scary! Was this from a counterfit Japanese t-shirt or something?

  • “Hope my friends don’t party with drugs”

    Yeah, tell Hollywood! But a percentage won’t listen!

  • Grinch

    Where is Pepé Le Pew’s anti-amyl nitrite spot?

  • David Breneman

    Wow! How refreshing! An anti-drug campaign that doesn’t take the low road by portraying MARIJUANA as a hard drug! So much of the anti-drug rhetoric nowadays is totally devoid of credibility because it simply lies to people by stating that all drugs, because they are equally illegal, are equally dangerous. Too bad the truth has become a victim of the federal government jobs program known as the “war on drugs.”

  • If you put your nose to the screen and blur your eyes just right, Bugs becomes Popeye The Pimp. Far in.

  • I wonder if Schlunt, Schlunt, Schlunt, and Gundelfinger had a hand in these radio ads?

  • Stephan

    Oh my goodness. God has shown his face, and it is this collection of bizzaro commercials. Thanks to all who’ve found and reposted them.

    Confidentially Brewmasters, where IS that image from?

  • kringle

    “Eh, what’s this? A joint?”

  • Bill the Splut

    I agree with Mellow Mel! Don’t do smack or downers! Be like Bugs, and inhale a nice, healthy carrot. Wink, wink.

  • Amazing! Mel Blanc was a real genius… Porky Pig’s voice still amazes me to this day, so different from him!

  • OM

    …I find it rather hopocritical of Bugs to tell everyone to avoid drug abuse, what with his being the biggest carrot – and Vitamin A – addict in history. He makes Scooby Doo look like a 12-step success story by comparison.

  • Karl Hungus

    I’ve been listening to WFMU since the early eighties and, well I don’t want to nitpick here, but they have always been headquartered in New Jersey. New York area sure, but that station is one of the few jewels of Jersey that we have. New York is just part of their audience…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    These were classics!

  • top cat james

    Carrots are a gateway vegetable.

  • Steve Menke

    Fun and clever, but wouldn’t be surprised if these were released five minutes after the likes of “man” fell out of slanguage use.

  • Griminy

    What if there were drug testing at the Oscars?

  • Expecting to hear these sampled in SO many dubstep tracks :)

  • s.w.a.c.

    Part of me thinks that Wile E. Coyote has probably given up on the Roadrunner by this point and is out in the desert somewhere running a meth lab.

  • Alejandro

    You know, funny enough, this reminded me of a Simpsons ep where Chief Wiggums, after catching Bart red-handed with contraband, blurts out what has to be one of the most memorably contrived ad-libbed lines ever heard on that show: “Your dealing days are over, Drugs Bunny!” LOL!